5 Barre Workouts For Strength And Fitness

For anyone whose ears just sensed the words “barre workout” paradrop, this foreword might come in handy. Barre workout is getting much adulation and acceptance in the ever enthusiastic world of fitness in recent times. One may not be wrong with its assessment as a workout that amalgamates certain elements of other forms of exercise namely Yoga, pilate to great effect. Barre workout is revered by performers of dance and contortion for it makes the core muscles of the body strong as steel whilst keeping body’s agility intact. So it’s time to shake a leg or two without your dancing shoes on as we bring you the 5 barre workout for strength and fitness. Got two left feet? Sorry but this excuse holds no merit for barre workouts!

Below Are The 5 Barre Workouts For Strength And Fitness:

1. Standing Hip Extension

This is an entry level exercise that is very much a regulation for dancers devoted to barre workout. The workout works specifically on the butt muscles thighs that make them shapely in due course of time. To start with stand in a knee to knee position with your inner thighs stick together. Put an exercise ball in the calf with your legs bent. The thighs must stay glued together and you must have the belly straight up. To engage your hamstring, try pulling your heel toward the butt region. 3 sets of 10 reps do the trick to get well toned hips.

2. Simple Toe Taps

It is indeed simple and effective barre workout. The workout prepares your muscles to take the load of more rigorous exercise the easy way. With your feet wide, maintain a 10 and 2 o clock position for your toes. Next, bend the knee of the 2 o clock style positioned leg and keep your spine straight. The arms must rest on the waist as you keep on leaning and tapping of the toes with each leg.

3. Narrow V Legs

Working precisely for leg strengthening, narrow “V” is to be done with joined heals and by turning the legs out by at least four inches to maintain the desires “V” position. As a beginner, use support of a chair to maintain balance. As you gain poise, test your balance in this workout by joining your hands together in prayer.

4. Arabesque

This workout works entirely on the body’s balance and helps to develop the core muscles in equal proportions. In this particular posture while working out, the hands are to be supported on a bar or chair while stretching the legs back to the point that it engages the hamstring and pelvic muscles. Make sure that the non-stretching foot has its heel slightly off floor in order allow full flow on the glutes. Center of balance and prolonging of the posture is what this workout calls for. Some might complain of shooting pain in the toe in the initial period of training.

5. Pretzel

Not sweet as the pretzel we munch but this barre workout is definitely gonna remind of the crunch! Pretzel lifts the lower body by engaging your torso up and out while your pelvis and lower back adds support and balance. Once again, the butt, thighs and legs benefit the most out of it but one can also feel the pull on the abdominal muscles thereby making it an exercise that does not put your back at any risk. 10 lifts on each side ensures firm body workout you have been looking for.

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