5 Band Exercises For Sculpted Thighs And Butt

If we think that only women are crazy about toning their lower body, you must know that even men consider the lower body toning equally important. The lower leg toning and specially butt and inner thigh toning is considered as one of the target areas for men which can be easily sculpted with and workouts! Men like their body perfectly chiseled with each and every part of the body flab free and toned. Men generally like toned butt and slim inner thighs with awesome muscles and abductors! If you are one of these men who love toning their lower body and make it extremely flexible, here are some cool resistance band workouts which can give flawless results!

These Workouts Would Make Your Lower Body Tight And Stunning In Just Few Days!

1. Lateral Walk

This is an awesome workout which can build strength in your inner and outer hips. For toning your lower body and strengthening you hips, this is the ideal workout which you must consider! Place the band surrounding your ankles and place your hands on the abdomen. Squeeze and tighten your lower body muscles and walk. This amazing workout makes your lower body immensely strong and sharp while toning your inner hips and butt!

2. Booty Skate

This is a workout which can have quick and amazing impact on your lower body muscles. This workout includes squats which is one of the best workouts for toning your legs. Your butt and inner thighs would get perfectly toned with this high impact resistance band workout. Place the workout around your ankles and tie the resistance band feet width apart. Now, squat down with a slight movement and keep your hands in the position like you skate! Perform for both the hands and try 10-15 repetitions!

3. Resistance Band Donkey Kick

The butt kicks get more impact with this cool variation. If you like the resistance band workouts go for the donkey kick workouts which can tone your inner thighs and butt perfectly. Tie the resistance band around one leg and hold the ends. First bring your leg in the straight position and then, perform the kick. Repeat this for the second leg. You can try 15-20 repetitions of these amazing workouts and tone your legs perfectly! This resistance band workout can magically tone your butt and keep your inner thighs toned!

4. Resistance Band Bridges

Bridges are the perfect workouts if you retargeting the inner thighs and butt. When you perform the bridges, your lower body gets toned and especially your thighs, hips and butt get perfectly toned. With resistance band, you can get flexibility and more impactful results. This amazing workout will not only add flexibility in your hips, thighs and butt but will also tone your abdomen muscles and core. Place the band on your abdomen muscles and while you rise upwards, stretch the resistance band and feel the pressure on your abs! You need to stretch your pelvic muscles and inner thighs for perfect toning and your butt muscles for a support!

5. Resistance Band Dead Lifts

We all know that the dead lifts have an awesome impact on our lower and upper body. But if you want your lower body and especially the areas like inner thighs and butt to be sculpted perfectly, the resistance band variation is the best to consider! Place your both legs on the resistance band and hold the ends with your hands. Perform the dead lifts while you stretch the bands upwards!

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