5 Abdominal Exercises To Tone Muscles Below The Belly Button

The crisp and perfectly toned flawless masculine body is what men always want! Men are generally very fitness conscious and within the evolving times, men have been strictly working on the abdomen and belly! The hanging huge belly bump is no way desirable! If you too want to make your abdominal muscles look crisp, tighter and tucked up, you can try some awesome workouts! There are some super cool workouts which specifically target your abdomen and make it more flexible! If you are already on your workout regime, include these super toning workouts which you can consider and tone your abdominal muscles for a masculine body! Make men envy and women crazy about your classic physique!

1. Crunches:

Nothing can be more amazing than crunches which would get you ripped abs and would also tone your abdominal muscles below the belly button! Crunches work on your entire middle body making it tight, perfectly toned and lawless. There are different variations of crunches which you can perform to get more flexible, flat and muscular abs. get into the crunch position and perform twisted crunches to tune your abdomen tight, stretchy and super string! Crunches are fun filled workouts which can turn your body into a super ripped, classy and adorable abs!

2. Hanging Leg Raises:

Your legs and abdomen have a great connection. You can build awesome abdomen muscles simply by this awesome workout which includes your legs and abdomen. Hanging leg raises are extremely high impact and would also give some unbelievable results. Hang on your gymming pole and perform the balanced leg raises. Feel the stretch on your abdomen muscles and focus on your lower body for more perfect results! This is a super cool workout which would get you ripped abs and tight abdominal muscles!

3. Reverse Crunches:

The different variations of crunches can have a great impact on your abs. if you want your abs to become strong and extremely embossed, this workout option would make you addicted! Reverse crunches targets all the lower and middle body muscles and would give you a redefined shape! Perform these super cool reverse crunches and your abs would get easily toned within just few days! Ripped and super toned abs is no more a dream with this awesome workout option!

4. Planks:

If you have ever performed planks, you must be knowing that planks are simply awesome and a work magically on your lower body. This amazing workout targets your lower body as well the upper body while providing strength, stability and stretchiness. Also it helps in improving back strength and would keep your abs toned and ripped! Get into the plank position and perform the plank while feeling the stretch in your abs, belly button and entire lower body. This would help in tightening and embossing the cool shape of your abs and make you look super fit!

5. Air Biking:

While you perform air biking, you have to make your abs muscles work. Air biking is a simple set of movements which you can perform with this workout. You can lie down on the floor and perform cycling in the air; you can also get a gymming cycle and perform the air biking on this equipment for more clear and cool results! Any of these variations would keep your body tined and flawless! For crisp and sharp abdominal muscles, try these workouts and would will notice the fine shape of your abs soon!

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