12 Exercises To Tighten That Baggy Skin After Weight Loss

Most of the people when lose their weight either by weight loss or after the delivery, find the skin sagging all over the body. The entire skin gets loose and the person feels embarrassed with the feeling of sickness. It is not easier to tighten the skin at all. But it is possible get active metabolically and to make the muscle stronger under the skin. It also helps in getting the appearance of the skin tight. Following given exercises help you in making the skin tight around the muscle and keeps you fit and energetic. The exercises are well-planned and have a positive effect on the body and the mind of the person.

Tip: While making use of the dumbbells, make sure that the dumbbell should be between 3 to 25 pounds depending on your physical strength and requirement. The workout should be performed on a daily basis and gradually increasing the exercises in a step by step manner.

Below Are The 12 Exercises To Tighten That Baggy Skin After Weight Loss:

1. Effective Bicep Curl

Stand with legs apart with 45 degree angle. Hold the dumbbells in each hand and while holding the dumbbells move your hands up and curl the weighs when hands go up. Let your palm face the ceiling. Keep the hands up and hold the dumbbells for a few seconds and bring your hands down. Keep lowering your body up and down. Perform the exercise 15 times and take the rest.

2. Lunges In Reverse

Stand with both feet together. Hold the dumbbell in both hands. Bring your left foot back in wide step and lunge down slowly, bending your knee. Get both the knees at 90 degrees when you bend. Keep the body straight and right thigh parallel to the floor. Hold yourself for a few minutes and bring the left foot back in standing position. Repeat the exercise of lunges in reverse for both the legs 20 times each.

3. Push Ups

The Push-up is the complete body exercise. Get in position over the floor by holding your entire body over feet joined together and hands slightly wider than the shoulder width. Lower your body towards the floor. Bend your elbows on both sides. Hold the back and keep it straight while you move. Your chest should come between your thumbs as you lift the body up and down. You can repeat the exercise 15 times.

4. Armbent Movement

The exercise with your hand movement while holding dumbbells in both the hands close together. Bend your knees and keep the upper part of the body at 45 degree angle. Move your arm back over the hips. Bring it back to the original position. Hold the dumbbells tight in hands all the time. Repeat the exercise for both hands alternately.

5. Squat In Sumo-Style 

Stand straight. Hold the dumbbell in hands and keep your legs wide apart, making 45 degree angle. Keep the knees and toes a little wider. Push your hips down as you bend your knees. Going down slowly as you squat. Lowering your body and your hand reaching to the ground as the dumbbells touch lightly to the floor. Move up and stand straight. Repeat the exercise 15 times. It makes the skin tight around the stomach, thighs and hips.

6. Walk With A Straight Posture

Walking is good exercise, especially when you walk holding your body and maintain good posture. Keep the dumbbells on the ground. Stand in center with feet closed. Bend and lift the dumbbells in both hands. Stand straight and start walking for 25-30 steps, holding your abs in tight and walk with a straight posture.

7. Body Lift

Stand with your feet apart. Knees slightly bent. Hold the dumbbells in both hands in front of your thighs and bent in the front. Hinge your body as you go down. Let the dumbbells reach towards the floor. Never go down lower than shin level, which maintain your flat back.

8. Body Pressure Workout

Lay on your back on the bench face up. Keep your feet pressed on the floor with hips apart. Hold the dumbbells in hands. Keep your hands straight up towards the ceiling. Move your hands down slowly bent 90 degrees to the sides of the shoulders. Hold it for a few seconds and move the arms straight up towards the ceiling again.

9. Stretching Muscles

Hold the dumbbells in hands and keep the hands close to the body. Stand with feet closed. Move the left leg and take a wide step towards your left side. Bent the knees, pressing the hips backward and balancing the body weight over the left leg and keeping the dumbbells in hands on both sides of left leg. Lower your body, hold it for a few seconds and return to the original position. Repeat it alternately for both legs 20 times.

10. Inchworm Exercise

Stand straight with feet closed. Slowly bend down, keeping your hands moving slowly over your thighs, calf and feet till your hands touch the floor. Walk your hands forward step by step lowering your body horizontal to the floor in a straight line. Do not lower your hips as you hold the torso for a few moments. Again walk your hands back slowly touching your feet as you stand straight Repeat it 5 times.

11. Effective Biceps Curls

The exercise is done by standing straight with hips apart. Keep the arms on the sides holding the dumbbell. Lift the weight without touching your body. Perform biceps as you bend the elbow and rotate the palms. Repeat the work out alternately 20 times for each arm.

12. Triceps Kickback

Keep the upper body in 45 degree angle by bending it forward while you bend the knees.Hold the dumbbells in both the arms with palms facing-in. Swing your arms over the hips up and down. Repeat it 15 times.

The muscle when toned helps in boosting the overall calorie burn and gives a better look to the body with well-defined shape. The muscle mass is needed to be built well with the help of regular exercises along with a well planned diet and healthy lifestyle. If you are going to follow these above 12 exercises on a regular basis, then you can easily get your desired result.

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