10 Winter Hair Styling Tips For Longer Hair For Men

Who said that women only have different hairstyle? Hairstyle for men is also in numbers. Men’s hairstyle is normally dependent on the season. During summer, normally men try to keep short hairstyles that are easy to maintain. On the other hand, when winter arrives, the hairstyles just goes in the opposite way. Men tend to go for long hairstyles so to keep them warm. This type of hairstyle requires a lot of maintenance. Both the hairstyles whether it is short or long having its advantage and disadvantage. It finally depends on the person what kind of hairstyle he wants to adopt.

Let Us Have A Look At Some Of The Style That Is Meant For The Winter Season:

1. Fringe:

One of the lowest maintenance types of hairstyle is fringe. There are different types of fringe style from which you can choose from. The most popular of them all is the angular fringe. This hairstyle came into limelight during the year 2014 and became a trend in the year 2015. This type of hairstyle looks good in men who have a round face. It also looks good on guys who have long faces.

2. Sweep Back Style:

Layering is the reason behind the popularity and success of this hairstyle. This hairstyle generally uses the cutting of hairs at different angles. The purpose of cutting hair at different angles is to make the hair sit at a different position rather than a single place. This hairstyle makes your look cool and quite sexy. There are a lot of design of sweep style which you can choose from. Different designs are dependent on the length of your hair.

3. Messy Waves:

This type of hairstyle is good for those who have curly hairs. Most of the people have messy hair and they find it difficult to maintain it. This hairstyle is quite helpful for them. Most of the Asian men naturally have curly hair and they opt for this style by getting their side hair shaved and leaving the rest of hair with its original length.

4. Afro Styles Hair Shave:

Percentage of Asians are having frizzy hair. For such hairs, this Afro style is quite impressive. In this style, the hair on top is left to grow and the sides are shaved to give the hairstyle an impressive look. This type of hairstyle is quite costly as it requires a lot of maintenance.

5. Fade style:

Another style that is popular among the Asians is the fading style. As the name suggests this hair style brings in the feeling of fading of hair. The hair is cut and trimmed in such a way that it looks like the hair is fading. Most of the men like this hairstyle as it gives them a fresh look. This style is good for various textures of hair.

6. The Smooth And Simple Side Part:

If you want a professional look then this hairstyle is perfect for you. The smooth and simple side style shows signs of class and power. It has some wildness also in the look. This style combined with the fade style is an excellent style to try.

7. Undercut Style:

This hairstyle gives a military look to the person having it. This gives a feeling of empowerment. In this style, the hair is cut short on both sides and the back side. The top of the hair is left to grow longer. The hair on the top can grow as long as you want and can be tied on the back side.

8. Quiff Style:

This style is one which is a mixture of modern and the retro style. This brings in a different sense of style. If you feel like you want to give your hair some more adventurous style, then you can go for the other version of quiff called the hybrid.

9. Short Back And Sides Style:

Another hairstyle that is most popular among the Asians is this short back and side style. This is popular because it is low in maintenance and also gives an edgy look. This style allows different designs to be tried on the top hair. This style gives your hair a feeling of a wave. It is easy to maintain because once the hair on the sides and back grow again. These can be shaped into required length by just trimming.

10. The Simple Short Hairstyle:

This style is also quite famous because of its simplicity and ease of maintenance. There are different versions of this hairstyle also. The most popular among them is the style with shorter sides and similar cut on the top hair. You can also go for a spike look if you want a different and fresh look.

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