10 Top Tips To Stay Slim And Fit Forever

There are many ways to get slim hot and healthy in a natural way, but for this we have a strong willingness to get into shape and being slim and trim. If you want to lose weight and avoid intake of diet pills or try any ridiculous diet, then these tips are essential for you. If we need to learn the people way to look naturally slim and trim than these tips are good for us. If we don’t want to follow a complicated diet for losing weight or not want to avoid eating certain foods then these tips are for them. The main tip of losing weight is to learn little tips that make losing weight easy.

These Are Some Tips To Stay Slim, Hot And Healthy

1. Eat 5 Times A Day

Eat five times a day. Starting with breakfast and take meal after 3-4 hours in a small quantity. Generally people skip eat in this proportion for saving themselves from some calories but it rarely works. During the night, the body does not take food for several hours and body needs energy for getting started. It will activate the body metabolism and make body to lose weight. The body does not digest all the meals at one time, so eating in small intervals breaking up the calories in a more efficient manner and helps to stay slim.

2. Drink More Water

Water is very essential for the body. Water removes the maximum toxins from our body and keeps the body hydrated and energized. Research recommends at least 3.7 liters of water per day for males and 2.7 liters water for females. We can get water from the foods we eat such as vegetables, fruits, milk or juice. Around 20 % of our water intake coming from the foods we eat. It is suggested to drink at least 8×8 ounces water per day. Water is a best option for losing weight and stay slim and trim because it doesn’t have calories that may affect your shape.

3. Eat A Nutritious Breakfast

Research suggests that people, who skip regular breakfast and have it unevenly in a day, have a heavier body in comparison to the people who take a wholesome breakfast and daily have their meal 4-5 times in a certain time period. Protein rich diet, such as high protein smoothie, cheese, fruits, boiled eggs, cereal with milk is a good option for a healthy breakfast.

4. Having Some Food While Travelling

It is a good habit if we take some fruit or some light refreshment with us while travelling on short distances. When we are out, it is not possible to get healthy snacks every time and having the one with us holds our hunger and gives instant energy to complete the work.

5. Eat Slowly And Stop Filling Full Tummy

Always eat slowly and chew every bite properly to digest it easily. Also stop eating food after filling tummy 80 % because the brain will realize after a few minutes that the tummy is filled and now stop eating. Eating continuously at that time makes eat too much food and not healthy at all.

6. Keep An Eye On The Portion Size

Too much eating spoils the plan of looking slim and healthy. So it is very important to keep an eye on the portion we consumed. Always take a small portion of the food or small plates to eat the food so consume food in a desired quantity. It will help to stay slim and healthy every day.

7. Avoid Calorie Drinks

Drinks such as lattes, energy drinks, soft drinks, sugary soda drinks, beverages and packed juice can contain a lot of calories and are not good for the health. So avoid drinking all these kind of drinks to stay slim and healthy.

8. Eat What You Like

Naturally time people eat everything, which they like to eat, but in a desired quantity. They do not full their tummy with different thing or like over eating. If they eat the food that is too fatty in nature, then they avoid this kind of food for next 5-7 days, to be in a shape. They ate food to get energy not to get tastier. They ate with full willingness and move on, don’t thing to eat more or again after some time. They do not have regrets or guilt for not eating something.

9. Avoid Stress

Stress is one of the major factors that lead to the weight gain because stress increases the amount at which body keeps fat and decrease the body ability to burn fat. Cortisol release during the stress increases appetite and push people to consume easily available food. Stress makes people to eat sugary food because sugar and high fat food stimulate the release of chemicals that increase pleasure. It is good to do relaxation exercises such as yoga, deep breathing and meditation to overcome stress.

10. Get Proper Sleep

Lack of sleep may increase the risk of obesity and weight gain. Lack in sleeping time slows body metabolism and directly affect the hormones and increase hunger. Proper sleep is must for a good, slim and healthy body.

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