10 Push Ups Variations That Will Give You Broad And Bulky Chest At Home

Now a days most of the men go to the gym to get the good physique and now technology has also combine with the exercises, there are so many of the machine now a days are in the gym to make you toned with good muscles, but if you do not have plenty of time and you want to get the good physique then you need to do the things in home as well. Broad and bulky chest is just like a dream for the men, push up is the basic and you can say the most advanced exercise not only for the chest but for the whole upper body, by changing the variations in doing the push ups you can actually trigger the muscles of the chest and get the perfect chest, here are some of the variations for the push ups at home that you can perform.

Below Are The 10 Push Ups Variations That Will Give You Broad And Bulky Chest At Home:

1. T Push Ups

This is the advanced exercise for the push up, in this just get the normal position of the push up, make sure your hips should be high to the body line, now do one push up, raise you one hand so that it will get the T shape to the body and while raising stretch the chest muscle as much as possible, now again come back to the rest position and do one push up again and do the same stretch with the other hand. This will make your chest muscular.

2. Ball Push Ups

Take the ball, place it on the ground, grab it with the palm tightly, now place your toes, slightly above to the ground, now slowly bend and make your elbow away to the body, now slowly come up, take proper breath, do at least 30 repetitions of about the 4 sets, this will add the muscles to the chest and your chest will look bulky, make sure that the ball will not move it will give you serious injury.

3. Wide Push Ups

Now place a mat on the ground, now rest your shoulder to the ground just wide enough to the shoulder, now here just bend your palm so that the fingers face each other, now slowly go down and come to the rest position, do the 30 repetitions of 4 sets, now this will increase the shoulder size and your shoulder will look big and this also trigger your biceps and triceps.

4. Narrow Push Ups

Now rest your hands on the ground, make sure the difference between both the palm should be 8 inches, place your legs on the high bench so that your body will have the 45 degree angle with the ground, now slowly go down, hold the position for 3 seconds and slowly come up, this will give shape to the linking muscles of the chest and shoulder and you will get the perfect shape, do the 20 repetitions of 3 sets.

5. Diamond Push Ups

Diamond push ups are so common in the gym but the every one should know the proper way to do this exercise, in this exercise, you need to make the diamond shape on the ground with the index finger and thumb of both the hands, now only bend your shoulder and while bending elbow should be tight and close to the back, do the 30 repetitions, this will give you chest line and make your triceps bulky.

6. TRX Atomic Push Ups

This is also advanced way of the push ups, in this place your palms to the shoulder broadness, now place your feet to the TRX cable, now do one push up, now pull your feet towards your chest, hold it for 2 seconds then release, now exhale while coming up and inhale while going down and do another push up, this exercise will increase the stamina also it will help to the lower chest to come up along with the stress to the abs, make sure that your shoulder should be at fix position.

7. Clap Push Ups

This is quite hard exercise for the push ups but the results are awesome, in this take the position of normal push up, do one push up, now immediately raise your upper body above the ground and do the clap, now come back to the rest position and do the push up again, timing is the most important thing in this exercise, this exercise targets the chest line.

8. Spider Man Push Ups

This is an advanced exercise for the push ups, in this get to the position for the normal position, the shoulder grip should be slightly wider, bend your right knee to the right elbow make sure the leg should not touch the ground, now go down and come up, place your knee to the rest position, now do the same with the left leg, make sure that you should not give any jerk to the body this will harm your back, do the whole exercise slowly, do only 10 repetitions to each side.

9. Eccentric Push Ups

In this push up exercise we trigger the muscle in the changing the speed of the push ups, in this just get the push up position on the mat, now raise your but to the maximum, now slowly go down, touch the ground with the head and come back to the rest position fast, while coming back squeeze the chest and the triceps while keeping the shoulder at rest positions, do the process again till your body limit, this will give pain to the chest basically to the lower chest.

10. Band Push Ups

Earlier we put weight on the body and do the push ups, but this some time gives the injury, band push ups is easy to increase the intensity of the push ups without adding the weight, just take the band, grip it in the palms by crossing the whole back, place your legs to the bench, now slowly bend down and come back to rest position, this will not give pressure to the elbow and you will have the weight and no weight situation, this variation will add muscles to the chest as well as to the arms also, do the 15 repetitions of 4 sets.

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