10 Natural Ways to Make Your Beard Grow Faster

It is not surprising that men love to grow the beard as it is the sign of masculine power and it will reflect your personality and culture too. Long and fuller beard needs some patience as the growth rate depends on the genetics and testosterone level of the individual. However, you can use the home remedies to get fuller beard faster.

Here Are The Top 10 Natural Ways To Make Your Beard Grow Faster:

1. Massage:

Massage is one of the powerful tips to grow your beard faster and thicker. Massaging the beard not only helps to improve the blood circulation around the beard but also an effective way to feed the nutrients to the beard. Massage gently with a warm oil every day ensures healthy beard. Simply add one teaspoon of olive oil, two teaspoons of almond oil to one teaspoon of jojoba oil and boil it for few minutes. Get it into a container and allow it to cool till it is warm. Last but not the least, gently take it and massage it around the beard in the circular motion. This idea really works for you.

2. Exercise:

Exercise is considered as an effective way to get fuller and thicker beard. Exercise is an effective key to melt the excess fat which in turn enables your body to increase the testosterone which is essential for beard growth. Exercise is not just the tool to improve beard growth but also it keeps you fit and healthy.

3. Manage The Stress:

It is not surprising that stress has the negative impact on hair growth. In fact, stress is inversely proportional to the beard growth. Unfortunately, stress is most common for everyone due to the busy routine and active lifestyle. Nevertheless, we should take some preventive measure to control the stress such as meditation, yoga and balanced diet. If you are the target at fuller and thicker beard, adapt stress –free life.

4. Proper Sleep:

We all know that the proper sleep is essential for a healthy brain and body yet we don’t have adequate time to sleep due to the busy lifestyle. Researches have stated that the lack of sleep has negative impacts on testosterone. If you sleep less than 5 hours, growth of testosterone will drop to 15%. As stated earlier, testosterone is essential for a fuller beard. Hence, sleep for more than 6 hours a day for increase the testosterone level which in turn enhance the beard growth.

5. Wash Your Beard:

Wash your beard with the high quality cleanser, which would reduce the inflammation and any sort of bacterial infection around the beard. Wash it with a mild shampoo at least twice a week. Make sure that you have conditioned your beard after shampoo which would retain the moisture for long. Rinse it off with fresh and cold water. Clean the facial hair with quality conditioner ensures your beard stay away from bacteria, dust, pollution etc.

6. Groom Occasionally:

Make sure that you have groomed the beard when it is fuller. You should allow it to grow for at least seven to eight weeks for grooming. Once it has grown thicker, groom and trim it occasionally with a professional trimmer for the glamorous look.

7. Balanced Diet:

A healthy diet is directly proportional to hair and beard growth. Include more vegetables, fruits, and nuts in your regular meals for the well balanced and healthy diet. Make sure that you have intake essential minerals including vitamin A, B, C and proteins in your daily meals. We all know that Protein is essential for hair growth, hence intake more protein enriched food such as almond, dhal, prawn and fish in your diet. In addition to this, don’t take junk and sugar content food, which is not good for health.

8. Biotin Supplements:

Biotin is essential for hair growth. Hence consider intake good amount of vitamin B7 ensures healthy beard. You can consume biotin enriched food such as almond, milk, and egg. You can consume biotin tablets for the expected results. However, it is recommended to consult your physicians before intake this biotin supplement.

9. Smoking:

If you want fuller and thicker beard, stop smoking right away and start consuming more green vegetables and fruits. The high amount of narcotic content in the cigarette can reduce the blood circulation to the hair which in turn lessens the hair growth. Smoking can cause serious health issues such as lung cancer, heart diseases, cardio attack and much more. Hence, quit smoking for a healthy body and long beard.

10. Control Itching:

Frequent itching is more likely to occur when new hairs are growing in the beard. However, you should control itching while new hairs are growing. When you rub your beard often, it will lead to allergy. Keep doing this ten homemade remedy for a better beard.

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