10 Modern Faux Hawk Fade Hairstyles

The Faux Hawk or Fohawk haircuts have been trending wildly in men’s fashion. Where every man wants to look unique, appealing, iconic and trendy, these amazing fauxhawk hairstyles would simply work wonders on their looks and would provide them a cool and stunning haircut. There are numerous ways men can redefine and style their hair into dazzling and fresh fauxhawk haircuts. These haircuts are trendy, cool and evergreen which would never fail you to look drop dead handsome and stylish. Here are top 10 faux hawk fade haircuts which would leave you stunned and would get you some flawless and enviable looks this season!

Below Are The 10 Modern Faux Hawk Fade Hairstyles:

1. Layered Fade Fauxhawk

The layered hairstyles are not trending within ladies but also men prefer layered hairstyles for a vivid and cool look. The layered and fade fauxhawk haircut would get you a stylish and completely unique look this season. If you love layered hair, try this cool and different haircut with a mild fade and a completely dazzling look exclusively for you.

2. Deep Parted

Deep parted fauxhawks are immensely stylish and trendy. The deep partitions provide a perfect lining and a stunning look as never before. The awesome side [parted hair with messy, layered or shaggy fauxhawk would never fail to get you a finely tousled and amazing look. If you want a perfectly sculpted face, here is an amazing variation of fauxhawks you would love.

3. Spiky

Spiky hair is glorious and especially teenagers are immensely crazy about these haircuts. For a more chiseled and stunning look, you must try a prefect spiky haircut complemented with a cool fade twist and make it look dazzling fauxhawk. This is a stylish, trendy and awesome look which would never fail to make you appear extra ordinary and tempting!

4. Buzz Fauxhawk With Fade

If you love completely trimmed and chopped off hair, here is a cooler version of the fauxhawks which would work wonders on your hair. This flawless haircut is trendy and with a perfect lineup, it would look even more stunning. For people who love to experiment with different haircuts, this is a cool and funky variation you can try.

5. Low Fade Fauxhawk

The low fade haircuts would get you more fade and on the sides and a higher volume at the top. For length of any hair, you can try this flawless haircut and get a dazzling look. You can trend it up to a stylish spiky, or a formal look or a buzz cut. With low fades, the sides would look more chopped off and stylish.

6. High Top Fade Fauxhawk

Especially for amazing curly hair, you can try this cool and flawless haircut which would never fail to get you an amalgamated look of a glorious high top haircuts and a faded fauxhawk. High to get nicely settled with the curly or afro hair with which the faded fauxhawk can be complemented easily. Try this cool and tempting haircut this season and look dazzling.

7. Spiky Top With Skin Fade Fauxhawk

High spiky hair with a cool and perfectly fade sides would make you look different and stunning. If you have amazingly thick and lustrous hair, you can try this amazing variation of fauxhawk and look stylish. The skin fade haircuts are more dazzling and are trending this season which you can try and flaunt your love for different haircuts.

8. Rat Tail Fade Fauxhawk

A more stunning and dazzling variation of the fauxhawk is this rat tailed fauxhawk haircut which would never fail to enhance your entire personality. This cool and evergreen haircut with a classy and glamorous haircut would never fail to rock your look. If you want to experiment with a highly trendy and stylish haircut, completely different from all the other fade fauxhawks, this is the most stunning and promising haircut option for you!

9. Pompadour Fauxhawk With Fade Sides

Want a formal, classy and desirable fauxhawk this season? Go for a lovely pompadour haircut which would simply complement your faded fauxhawk. This is such a stylish and dazzling version of fade haircuts which would make you dazzle. If you love keeping it stylish for workplace, for a casual look, this is the style which would completely suit you.

10. Awesome Swirl Faux With Faded Sides

Swirl hair with a dazzling and stunning fade haircut would simply look flawless. The swirl haircuts are very stylish and high impact which would never fail to look glorious. If you want a lustrous look with side faded hair, you can try this awesome haircut and look completely different and stylish.

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