10 Exercises To Tighten Your Thigh Muscle

Thigh muscle plays an important role in human body. Sometimes, the muscle around thigh becomes more, as the accumulation of fat gets stored in thigh area more easily. So due to this gathering of fat, your thigh may look like fat, gives burning sensation, or may also look like loose or shaking fat while you are walking or running. You must remove or cut down those fats in your thigh area. There are many types of exercises to tighten your thigh muscle.

Let Us Discuss Different Methods In This Article:

1. Pilates Exercise

Pilate exercise is wonderful techniques which will make your thigh muscle tighten by following the rules and regulation. This can be done by lying down on a mat by side ways. Take your one leg and place the foot in front of the hips, then take your hand support it by holding your ankle, then tighten your thigh muscle with the other leg and lift it for few minutes then repeat the process for 10 times for one leg and do the same to your other leg.

2. Squat With Ball

Place the ball between the wall and stand back on the ball, You should stand on your feet, then bend your knees to 7 to 10 inches repeat this position for few seconds and do that for 10 more times.

3. Flamingo Balance

In this exercise you have to stand on your one leg and stretch your hand and stand on your single leg which will make your legs tighten stand for few seconds and change your leg and repeat the process with your other leg so the same thing again which will make the thigh muscle tighten as by doing it continuously.

4. Single Leg Circle

First, a person has to lie back on the mat straight, then take your left leg and stretch upwards then rotate for 5 times then slowly keep the leg down, while doing don’t shake your hips it has to be in still position. Do this process for another leg. Continue this process for 5 to 8 times daily.

5. Plie

straight and stretch your legs apart stand on your toes, then slowly bring your hands up and put them down again repeat this process again for more 10-15times. While doing this your knees should not get bend and it should be straight.

6. Sun Salutation

This is one kind of yoga exercise, first of all stand straight on a mat, then take your hands up, then slowly bend yourself down in a swan dive position, then bend your shoulder without bending your knees, further more you have to touch the floor with your waist height than in the same position bend for few times, repeat this process daily.

7. Plie Squats

Stand straight on a mat and stretch your legs apart keeps you hands straight to your shoulder, then slowly you have to bend your knees and stand back again. This process will make your thigh gets tighten.

8. Cossack Squats

In this exercise you should stand and spread your feet apart and the shoulder width should also be apart from your arms relaxed by your sides, your legs should look like a wide triangle. By this for both the legs you have to sit and stand repeats this process again and again without bending your knees. For one leg you should repeat the process for 4 times or more and do the same for another leg.

9. Lunging Exercise

Lunging exercise there are two types one is a forward and backward position. First you have to stand straight and then laid your one leg down like wise you have to repeat the process for both the legs.

10. Side Lungs

Stand straight and stretch your feet then slight bend your one leg and do this for the other also. For each leg repeat the process for 10 times, by this process your thigh muscle will get tighten.

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