10 Exercises To Boost Hip Strength

Looking for the best hip exercise to strengthening the hip muscle? Well, you are at the right place. There are so many hips exercises out there, but we have listed down the 10 most important exercise, which would get you strong muscles around the hip and improve your hip strength and mobility. If you are day dreaming about the strong tummy without the belly, try out this amazing exercise, which would get you slim and gorgeous look. Aside from this, it will be the unique hip strengthening exercise for mobility and hip rehabilitation.

1. Bridging:

Bridging is one of the essential exercises to enhance your hip strength and flexibility. Performing this exercise is simple as it seems. Make sure that you have to keep your hip, shoulder, and knee in the straight line before workout this amazing exercise. Just tighten your buttock muscle by lift up your bottom gently and hold up to the position for a few seconds. Repeat the sequence for better results.

2. Adductor Squeeze:

If you are daydreaming about a belly tummy with zero size hips, here is what a beautiful exercise that you should try it at least once in a day for expected results. It can be performed by lie down on your back and roll a ball with you. Once you have lie-down, simply squeeze the ball between the knees. It would be the best exercise to tighten the muscles around your thigh and hip. It may be quite painful for the beginner, but it is great for strengthening the hip muscles.

3. Hip Extension In Lying:

This is the best workout for improving the core strength and stability. It can be simple and comfortable to perform at any time. Simply lie down as demonstrated. Raise your one leg about at least 2 cm from the floor and hold on to the position for few second. Be relaxed and get back to the previous position. Again raise your another leg and do the same process. Repeat the movement for the better result.

4. Hip Flexion:

If you want to improve the hip strength and rehabilitation then hip flexion is the one you are looking for. This can be simple, easy and comfy to perform in your free time. Lie on your back as demonstrated. Bring your knees near to chest as close as possible. Hold onto the position for few second. That’s it.

5. Hip Abduction:

Hip abduction is great both men and women. It is the simple exercise, which would get you the flat tummy and strong muscles around the hip. Just lie on your back and keep your knees to the side. It is simple yet powerful exercise to strengthen the hip muscles.

6. Hip External Rotation:

Hip external rotation is simple and powerful exercise, which mainly targets at gluten the muscles around hip and leg. If you are new to the body building exercise, you can try out this amazing exercise, which would get you beautiful hip with no belly.

7. Single Leg Glute Muscles:

Single leg glute muscles are essential for one who wants to enjoy the strong muscles and core flexibility. If you are a runner, you should workout this exercise regularly to perform best in your sports activities. Whenever you feel tired and lazy, try out this amazing exercise to stay active and fit. It is quite difficult to perform this exercise without pain. Hence, if you are new to this exercise, workout this exercise with an assist to avoid any sort of injuries.

8. Sidestep:

Sidestep exercise is the simple an effective exercise to strengthen the hip muscles. But this sidestep exercise is different from the above exercise. It can be performed by using the elastic sideband.It is recommended to consult your physicians before performing any new exercise.

9. Split Squat:

Split squat is one of the popular exercises to improve the core stability. Additionally, a Split squat is the essential exercise to strengthen your hip muscles and maintain the hip mobility. Hip mobility will make the joints to move freely around the hip. Split squat is beneficial in controlling the hip pain. It is the effective exercise to keep you fresh and energetic throughout the day.

10. X-Band Walk:

X-band walk is the most effective exercise to keep you fit and strong. Additionally, it is essential for gluten your hip muscles. You need a piece of tubing or an elastic band to perform this powerful exercise. It will give you speed, energy and improve the core stability. This is the perfect option to improve the hip mobility.

Try the above mentioned exercises on daily basis and feel the difference in few weeks.

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