10 Essential Strength Exercises For Runners

Runners are generally focused towards the running exercise and do not show more interest within other workouts. They feel running is quite enough for them. However, the facts say that running along with some strength training would provide support and you would be able to run more flexible and for some more time. The strength training program for the runners is quite different than the actual strength training workouts. The strength training for the runners would include muscle workouts which would build and strengthen the core and main muscles the runners need to focus on. If you have been a finer runner and need to start strength training for more flexibility and ease, you can try these top 10 workouts which would get you amazing results.

Go Through This Awesome List Of Workouts You Can Consider And Get To Work Now:

1. Planks

The lower body needs to be extremely strong and flexible for the runners. The leg, hips and thigh muscles must be perfectly toned and flexible to get a perfect run. The planks target the lower body and the biceps too. This workout would tone your lower body including the legs, hips, the waist and the arms too. This workout would help in toning the body parts and getting a flexible run. Try this work out and get amazing muscles.

2. Ketbelle Squats With Overhead Presses

The squats are another set of workout which would focus on your entire lower body. With overhead presses, your biceps and shoulder muscles can also get strong. Begin with 8-10 repetitions of this amazing workout and increase the number of repetitions as your flexibility increases. This workout applies pressure on your hips and thighs and tones your legs. For a completely adorable and strong lower body for runners, this is a perfect workout for sure.

3. Overhead Lunges

Targeting on the lower body, lunges provides extreme flexibility to the legs and hips muscles. You must perform lunges if you want a strong, flexible and stunning lower body. Overhead lunges would include some dumbbells tough which you can also strengthen your arms, biceps and shoulder muscles. Including lunges in your workout and strength training routine would get you amazing benefits and high flexibility to improve as a runner.

4. Bicep Curls

Bicep curls would completely focus on your arms and biceps. With an injury free back and shoulder, this amazing workout provides stunning benefits. If you have been looking for some arms and biceps workouts, you must perform this workout regularly. The seated bicep curls would make your biceps, back muscles and shoulders stronger. Perform this workout with the small weight in beginning and workout your back and shoulders for more support and flexibility during running.

5. Pushups

Pushups are amazing when it comes to the entire body strengthening. Pushups divide the pressure and strength among various parts of the body like the arms, biceps, shoulders, core and the legs too. A complete strength training and flexibility can be achieved solely by this amazing workout. Perform pushups daily to strengthen and sharpen your core, arms, shoulder, back and leg muscles.

6. Bridges

Bridges too focus on the lower body and back which are the most essential parts to consider for runners. Bridges provides extreme support for the butts, back muscles, core muscles and legs during running. Performing this workout would strengthen all these muscles which would get you a more score on running. Your hips and thigh muscles play a very important role in this workout and thus the core muscles for running would get immensely flexible and strong with this workout.

7. Leg Raises

The leg raises are mild exercises which would benefit you in many ways. It focuses on the core and the leg portion and would help in preventing injuries and strengthening your core area. During leg raises the core, hip and thigh muscles are stretched and worked out which is beneficial for the runners.

8. Deadlifts

Deadlifts are amazing workouts which can provide immense strength to your biceps, arms, core and the hips muscles. Performing the deadlifts would simply make your muscles strong and flexible enough to get you more stamina and balance during running. Perform the deadlifts and get amazing and strong muscles for flexibility.

9. Side Planks

The side planks are amazingly beneficial for the strengthening and flexibility of the entire body. Performing this workout applies pressure and stretching on the arms, the core, the hips and legs and gets a straight and supportive back. Try this workout to get an injury free run and high support from your back.

10. Russian Twists

The Russian twists are amazing as the lower body workouts. The Russian twists would help to get your hips and core muscles strong. A proper balance and control can be obtained by this stunning workout which would lead you towards proper and efficient running. Perform this workout and loosen up your hips, core and leg muscles.

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