10 Best Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men With Receding Hairline

Our body begins to suffer from different ailments as we grow older. Our bones become weaker, suffer concentration problems and our hair starts to fall out. Receding hairline is more common in men than in women. By the advent of the late 30s, a majority of men begin to experience hair loss and by 50s, they tend to lose a huge amount of hair leading to baldness or thinning of hair.
Men are very sensitive about their hair and receding hairline could be really traumatic for them.

Here Are The 10 Best Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men With Receding Hairline:

1. Add Length

If you are suffering from huge hair loss and your hairline seems to diminish, then it’s a great idea to grow it. This is because when you’ll comb your long hair backward, it will give your hair a naturally thicker look. It is advised to give a square bottom cut to the thin hair midway down your neck. You will be amazed at the youthful and flowing hair results.

2. Skip Up Your Thin Hair

Struggling with thin hair? Skipping them upwards is a great option to give them a thicker look. With this hairstyle, your hair will be brought up in the center to lessen the effect of thinning of hair. To further divert the attention away from your decreasing hairline, you can add some nicely cut facial hair.

3. Style Your Hair Simply

Busy men are not expected to visit the salon every 15 days, so, it’s better for them to adopt a simple yet stylish haircut that lasts long. Also, the haircut must cover up the thinning hairline of these men. If you are one of them, then ask your hairstylist to cut your hair down in a way that the style suits you and most importantly lasts long.

4. Slick And Stylish Thin Hair

You can give your hair a noticeable volume with a side partition. If your upper hairline is thinning, you can adopt a hairstyle with groomed side paired with well cut facial hair as a trick to make upper hairline appear much thicker. It is important to use any strong hair styling gel that can hold your thin hair all day long.

5. Subtle Spikes

Spikes are not just an elementary school hairstyle, but a hairstyle that suits men of any age group provided done in a right way. No need to struggle with your thin hair anymore, you just need to return to your spiky childhood hairdo. Spikes look cool and help your hair look young and thick again.

6. Square Haircut For Curly Hair

Thinning of curly hair could be more devastating as such men have been accustomed to thick looks for a long time. To hold back the thick look, men with thinning curly hair must get a square haircut. The haircut should feature side and back fades so that the crown hair looks more voluminous. Using a styling gel can hold the look all day long.

7. Thin Hair Hipster

Guys experiencing minor thinning can go for hair hipster. This hairstyle features a close and fine cut from all sides and back. But hair from the top or crown area is left as much as possible. A nicely grown facial hair can give the look a further fullness. This hairstyle makes your hair look more healthy and thick.

8. Long Hair

Long hair looks are the stuff of romantic novels and fairytales. If your hair is thinning, there is nothing to worry. Grow your hair long as women love men with long hair flowing down the back. To get this look, you need to put no efforts. You just have to grow your hair and wear them loose, long and swept back effortlessly.

9. Classic Haircut

Your thin, dark and short hair can work well as it worked for Matt Damon. Having dark hair is an advantage as short dark hair appears thicker. Short hair here doesn’t mean short hair all around your head. You need to cut them short from sides but must have elongated top sections.

10. Short Razored Hair

As you know, to divert attention from something, it is important to shift it to something else. If you are in a distressing situation due to thinning of hair, shift the attention to the way your hair is cut. The razored finish hair cut catches the eye immediately with letting your thin hair noticed. To get a perfectly razored finish look, blow-dry your hair upwards and apply some mousse.

In most of the views receding hair are considered to be lucky but for some it is a symbol of going half way bald. So, if you believe in the second thought then try the above mentioned styles and look different.

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