Top 7 Exercises To Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain


Sciatic Nerves is the most important nerve of the body, it is found in the legs, so if you have the pain to the lower back, then this nerve is also gets punctured the pain then transfer to the legs, this nerve transmits the pain through the spinal cord to the brain, you will feel weakness, you hip joints will be stiffed while standing or sitting, sometime there will be extreme pain also, bad posture is the main cause of this problem, especially when you have a sitting job, if the pain is less then you can do some of the exercises, that will be helpful for you.

Here Are Some Of The Exercise To Relieve The Sciatic Nerve Pain:

1. Nerve Glides Exercise:

This is the an easy exercise and anyone can do it at home, just lie of the ground, keep your back straight, bend your knees, now make you one leg straight above the ground, now raise to the top so that it will make the 90 degree angle with the body, now garb the thigh with the hand, now pull it towards your chest slowly, now release it and then do it again, then go back to the rest position and then repeat this exercise with the other leg, do the 10 repetitions with each leg with 5 sets of this exercise.

Nerve Glides Exercise

2. Piriformis Twist Exercise:

This the advance version of the glides exercise, in this lie on the ground with the straight back, now bend you knee, now place the other leg on the knee and lock it, now raise the legs to so that there will be 90 degree angle with the body, grab the thigh with the hand and pull it towards the chest, if your hands are not reaching there, you can use any cloth piece for this, pull as maximum you can, hold the position for about the 5 seconds when the knee is touching the chest, do the same with the other leg, do the 8 repetitions of one side and 4 sets of this twist exercise.

Piriformis Twist Exercise

3. Clam Shells Exercise:

If the sciatic pain is in its early stage, then you need to work on your hips and for this you need to lie on the ground to the one side, now bend your knee to the 45 degree angle, now join the toe and raise your upper knee to the top, give stress to the hip joint and hold the position for about the 5 seconds, now release it, do the 10 repetitions, now change the side and repeat the process, do the 4 sets of this exercise.

Clam Shells Exercise

4. Dead Bug Exercise:

This is an exercise of advance level and it gives you the result soon, for this lie on the ground, make the angle between the legs and the back 90 degree and then make the 90 degree angle between the knee, now raise your hand also, now stretch your left leg to the full extent with the movement of the hip and right hand to the top position above your head, make sure the leg should not touch the ground, now repeat this exercise with the other hand and leg, do the 10 repetitions of 3 sets.

Dead Bug Exercise

5. Bird Dog Exercise:

This is also the good exercise the impact of this exercise is on the whole body, in this just bend so that the hips the shoulders are in rectangular, now raise right leg and make it straight and then raise right hand and make it straight, hold the position and then repeat it with the other leg and arm, do the 10 repetitions of the 5 sets, make sure that there should not be any jerk to the back.

Bird Dog Exercise

6. Pigeon Position Exercise:

This is the also a good exercise to relieve the pain of the sciatic nerve pain, in this just make the tent shape with the body, now bend your knee to the front side and keep the other leg straight to the back of the body, now slowly try to touch the ground, now hold the position for about the 5 seconds and then do this with the other legs, do only 8 repetitions of about the 5 sets, do not give jerk to the back, do it slowly.

Piriformis Twist Exercise

7. Self Trigger Point Exercise:

This is the exercise in which you need to find out the exact point where you actually feel the pain, now place the ball on the ground and then place the same point on it, now slowly give pressure to that the point by releasing the body weight to that point, hold the position for about the 45 seconds, do this for 5-6 times in a day, first you will have extreme pain and after sometime you will get the results.

Self Trigger Point Exercise