Top 7 Exercises To Increase Shoulder Flexibility

Flexibility of the body gives you strength, it reduces the stiffness of the body at your higher age, normally we do the weight lifting to get the strength and power but we forget about the flexibility of the body parts, flexibility is the most important thing to run the body perfectly, we have exercises for almost all the parts of the body and the involvement of shoulder is there in each exercise, so stress and stiffness is faced by the shoulder at most, so you need to do some of the easy exercises that will give mobility to the shoulder, so that you can add strength and power to the weight lifting, here are some of the exercises, that are easy and you must add it to the daily schedule.

1. Sleeper Stretch Shoulder Exercise

This is the good exercise for the shoulder flexibility and you can do it at home also, first you need to lid on the ground, take the cushion and rest you head on it, make sure that your shoulder is free to move, now make a 90 degree angle between the elbow and the shoulder, hold you palm with the other hand and then rotate your arm on the axis of the elbow, try to restrict your movement with the help of the other hand, this will give extra pressure to the rotatory cuff and the flexibility of the shoulder will be increased.

Sleeper Stretch Shoulder Exercise

2. Cross Arm Exercise For Shoulder

This is the amazing exercise to warm up the shoulder when you are going to do the shoulder daily schedule, but if you do it after any shoulder exercise it will remove the stiffness of the shoulder, for this stand straight, now raise hand straight and push it towards the chest, so that the hand will touch the other shoulder, now with the help of the other hand push the hand hard, so that there will be stress on the shoulder, now repeat the hand and do the same exercise, do this exercise 5 times with each hand.

Cross Arm Exercise For Shoulder

3. Pec Stretch

This is the exercise that will remove the stiffness of the back shoulder, in this you need to take the bench or the long cushion, now lie on it make sure the bench should cover the whole back, now in the air make the 90 degree angle from both the hands, now slowly raise your hands and touch it at the top, slowly come back to the rest position, do the proper breathing, this will remove the pain of the scapula and the flexibility will be increased.

Pec Stretch

4. Cow Face Stretch Exercise

This is the most common exercise and the results are fast, this is also a yoga exercise, you can do this either standing on sitting, make you back straight, raise you one hand and touch you back with the other hand so that the palm face the opposite to the body, now grab this hand with the other hand, it is slightly hard exercise but you should try this to get the full flexibility of the shoulder, now repeat the exercise with the other hand.

Cow Face Stretch Exercise

5. Child’s Pose

This is the exercise for those who lift heavy weight or their shoulders are in stress all the time, to release it and increase the flexibility, we should go back to our childhood days, just sit on the ground just like a kid, now touch your head to the ground, stretch your hand to the top of the head, now raise your one hand above the ground for 5 seconds and then lower it, now raise the other hand and do the same, this will remove the stress of the heavy weight.

Child's Pose

6. Lawnmover Pull

This is the advance level of the exercise, if your shoulder is in extreme pain, then you can try this exercise, just hold the bar of the lawnmover with the safe distance, make the 90 degree angle with the shoulder, now raise you shoulder to the head and slowly go down to the rest position, do the same with the other hand, do the 10 repetitions with each hand of about the 4 sets.

Lawnmover Pull

7. Dumbbell Press

This is the basic level of the dumbbell press, in this hold the dumbbell in your hand, dumbbell should be light weighted, now slowly raise the dumbbell up and slowly lower it down, inhale while coming down and exhale while going up, do not give jerk to the shoulder, do the 10 repetitions of about the 4 sets, the full motion with the weight will adjust the rotatory cuff to it proper place and the pain will be reduce easily.

Dumbbell Press