Top 7 Calf Exercises Without Weight For Men

The calf workouts are very important for the men who love perfectly toned calves and stunning legs! If you are a runner, athlete or a fitness freak who loves to stay in shape with all the muscles perfectly toned, you can try these flawless exercises which would make your calves more adorable and tighter! If you are not willing to use the weighted workouts and want some natural workouts which can get you awesome calves and glorious legs, these adorable workouts would get you promising results! Calf building is one o the significant part of strengthening the legs and getting healthier! These calf workouts would not limit its benefits to calves and tone up your legs, hips, thighs and entire lower body! For multiple benefits and cool results, we suggest trying these awesome workouts which would never make you miss the weight and get you similar results!

1. Calf Stretches Or Raises

This is a cool workout which would get you some promising results on your calves. This cool workout simply would work on you calves and make them rock solid. If you want those massive and cool claves, perform the calf raises with would never fail to get you miraculous results! This awesome workout can be performed while standing or sitting and can get you miraculous result!

Calf stretches or raises

2. Lunges

Lunges are cool worj0outs which can give you adorable calves just in some time. The lunges along with cool pulse can rapidify your muscle building. Perform the lunges but quick and sharpen your movements of standing back and this would get a quick flick on your calves. Get into the lunges position, bend and quickly rise with a stretch on your calves and you would love the results you get!


3. Skipping Ropes

Skipping ropes is a cool workout which would get you numerous benefits over your legs! This amazing workout targets the leg muscles and specially the calves. This high intensity workout would work miracles on your calves and entire legs. Perform the skipping rope exercises daily for adorably toned legs and flawless calve muscles!

Skipping Ropes

4. Squats Jumps

Squats are the cool workouts which can get you adorable results over your legs! The squats are generally preferred for the legs, hips and thighs but quick squat jumps can get you flawless calves too! While [performing the squats and standing back, instead of rising naturally in a smooth way, perform the frog jump and enhance you workout for dazzling results! Perform the squat jumps and get adorable calves in no time!

Squats Jumps

5. Box Jumps

The box jumps can be very effective and highly promising on your calves the box jumps can make your calves tighter and adorable. Get a box and perform the box jump workout for 15 minutes a day and you would get some mind blowing results! Try this super cool wo0rkotu and get flawless caves in some time!

Box Jumps

6. Running

What can be more efficient than running for your legs? This is a sole workout which can get you numerous benefits and one of them is calve strengthening and building! Running applies a lot of pressure on your claves making them super strong and tighter!


7. Deep Calf Presses

Calf presses are the workouts which can be performed at home easily. If you have stair cases, you can stand on the edge of the stair case and perform the deep calf presses. This would specifically target the calves and help in making them huge, tighter and flawless!

Deep Calf Presses