The 7 Best Stretches For Your Glutes

To get a perfect body we must do the exercises for all the parts of the body, if any part is weak, then you can have serious injuries also, because each part is related to the other part. Glutes muscles are one of the big and the most important muscle of the body, sometime we do the squats and think that we do the exercise for the glutes also but it is wrong, glutes also have some of the exercise to become stronger and in shape, when are posing for the competition, then this glutes muscle gives shape to the lower body, here are some of the exercises that you should always add to your schedule.

1. Glutes Swiss Ball Thrust Stretch

This is also the exercise that you can do easy at your home, place a swiss ball, place the hand on the hips with palm facing to the ground, now bend your knee to the 45 degree angle, place the foot on the swiss ball, now slowly raise your hips with the help of the hands, so that the body will be in the straight line to the knee, now hold the position and squeeze the glutes, now come back to the rest position and do the 12 repetitions of this exercise, make sure you have to lift the body from the hips, do not jerk to the back.

Glutes Swiss Ball Thrust Stretch

2. Barbell Glutes Stretch

This is the advance level of the exercise, in this exercise the impact of stretch is on the back and the glutes, place the weight to the barbell, now in the middle of the barbell, place the towel, now lie on the bench, so that the body will be rectangle to the bench, now place the barbell on the lower stomach part, now lower your back to the floor, but do not touch the floor, hold the position and do not come back, now come back to the rest position, do the 10 repetitions of 3 sets only.

Barbell Glutes Stretch

3. Hip Hinge Stretch

This is an exercise as well as a yoga posture, if you are feeling pain to the glutes, then you should do this exercise, you can do this at your home also, first you need to stand tall, now keep your hands straight and up, now lower your body down and try the touch the ground without bending your knees, stretch your glutes away from the body as maximum as you can, now hold the position and come back to the rest position.

Hip Hinge Stretch

4. Back Extension Stretch

As per the name it is the exercise for the strong back, but while getting strong back you will have the strong glutes also, you need to do a little variation in it, just lie down to the machine like the face facing the floor, make sure that you put your thighs on the machine, now stretch the body to the floor and keep your glutes in full stretch, now as you are coming up, just tight the glutes, do the 15 repetitions of about the 2 sets only.

Back Extension Stretch

5. Kettle Bell Swing

This is the another good and advance level of the exercise, in this exercise you need to have the full control on the body, stand straight, now make the gap between your legs, now hold the kettle bell in the hands and hold it tightly, now bend the body about 30 degree angle and then swing the kettle bell between the legs to the full extend, make sure that the glutes are in full stretch, now do the 12 repetitions of 3 sets.

Kettle Bell Swing

6. Step Up Stretch

This is the basic exercise and you can do it at your home also, if you are free, you can do it on the stairs as well as you can add the sturdy box to the height of your knee, now raise your one leg by keeping your butt away from the body, now raise your body and stand on the box with the one leg only, slowly raise your body and contract the muscles, now come back to the ground and place the other leg to the box and do the exercise, do not give pressure to the knee, keep your back always straight, do the 10 repetitions with each leg, do only 2 sets.

Step Up Stretch

7. Cable Kick Back

This is another good exercise in the gym, it gives you full stretch to the glutes, just stand close to the cable pulley machine, lower the height of the cable pulley, now grip the cable pulley to one leg, add the weights to it, lower stretch your legs straight to the back side and stretch your glutes and come back to the rest position, now do this with the another leg and perform the exercise, do the 10 repetitions of about 3 sets.

Cable Kick Back