5 Best Six Packs Exercises To Work Your Abs To Exhaustion

Who does not want that incredible, tight and good-looking abs? The six pack ab exercises require a lot of research as well as training and instructions from the qualified trainer. A six pack on a man is an erotic thing! It gives you a lot of confidence, increases your overall persona, posture and wellbeing and you will surely see that all the exertion you’ve put is simply valued! Men can get six packs easily if they there is the huge amount of dedication and if they recognize the correct exercises on how to train and what food to have.

Besides exercises, in order to get best results, it is important to emphasis on three things that is nutrition, cardio and healthy training. So are you all set to actually carve your abs? Start challenging your basics with the below extreme hard-hitting moves. Below are 5 best exercises for men to work your Abs to exhaustion. Have a look!

Below Are The 5 Best Six Packs Exercises To Work Your Abs To Exhaustion:

1. The Long-Arm Crunch

Long arm crunches are the most adored exercise of the body builders. To perform this exercise you have to sleep on your back and bent your knees and keep your arms flattened back of you. Start the exercise with a traditional crunch which should be done slowly and in control.

The Long-Arm Crunch

2. The Jackknife

The jackknife is the best exercise to reduce the fats from the stomach parts in complete one exercise. Perform this exercise by placing a mat on the floor. Lie on the mat with the extended arms overhead. At the same time lift your arms as well as legs at maximum height till your tips of fingers touches your toes. Keep repeating this exercise 3 times.

The Jackknife

3. Seated Leg Tuck

Seated Leg Tuck is the most advanced exercise that will never fail to get you your positive results. It is a functioning 6 pack abs workout that aims in shaping the upper and lower abdominals. It is totally an abs workout. To perform this exercise you have to sit slanting at the edge of a chair and lean back with a angle of 45 degree and stretch your legs and curve your knees. Twist your higher body by turning your backside and getting it near your pelvis and at the same time elate your knees to your head and come again to the first position. Keep doing this exercise 10 times a day.

Seated Leg Tuck

4. Exercise Ball Pull-In

If you want to concentrate on your abs and make it look stunning, you must definitely try Ball Pull-In exercise they are the abdominal workouts for men that aids in structuring six packs. It shapes and develops lower rectus. Make sure you get the right stability ball. To perform Exercise Ball Pull-In lie your back on the floor. Keep your feet on the top of the ball and your hands away. Keep your entire body straight Use your open arms for steadiness an unsteady feeling might bother you but not to worry! Let your breath come out and gradually get your knees in nearer to your hips. Wait for a while then straightening your legs out again to the initial position. Repeat this exercise 10 times at a stretch.

Exercise Ball Pull-In

5. Pull Ups

The pull-up is one of the greatest exercises for building not only the upper body strength, but even the biceps, and rear shoulders. The only equipment that is needed to perform this exercise is a pull-up bar that can survive your weight of the body. Perform this exercise by gripping your both the palms on the bar then steadily get lower until your arms are fully extended. Work on this exercise 10 minutes daily to get effective results.

Pull Ups

Some healthy food and well-balanced exercise with the above ab six pack exercises can do miracles. There is no need for you to wait just get off from your normal routine and start working on your exercise program. Everyone wish to have a perfect looking body and the above 5 amazing exercises can definitely help you, too.