8 Barbell Exercises For Total Body Strength


Barbell and the dumbbell are the tools for the perfect body, you can trained each and every part of your body with it, now a days there are so many of the advanced machines are there in the market for bodybuilding, but they cannot take the place of the barbell as the variation of the moment in the barbell is quite enough and if you do not have the time to go to gym and give so much of huge amount of money to the gym then you can go with the barbell, there are so many of the easy and advance exercises for the total body strength by which you can train each muscle of your body, here is list of some of the exercise with the barbell.

Below Are The 8 Barbell Exercises For Total Body Strength:

1. Barbell Russian Twist

First you need to take the barbell, insert one end of it to the hole in the wall or in the box, place the weight to the other end, stand in front of the barbell, now grip the barbell end with both the hands, raise it up and move one step forward, elbow should be slightly bend, now move the barbell to the left side till the hand can go, while doing this your back should be straight and elbow should be bend and both the shoulder should be tight, now again from that point move it to the other side and while keeping the above position, do the 15 repetitions and do at least 4 sets of it. This exercise targets your shoulder, chest and back muscles.

Barbell Russian Twist

2. Barbell Roll Out

This is the exercise for the mid section and for the shoulders, if you want to get the six pack abs, then you should do this exercise definitely although it is hard to perform but still you have to do this, in this place the barbell to the ground add the round plate to it, lock the plates tightly, bend on the knees to the ground, hold the bar with the hand with the slightly more to the shoulder grip, now slowly roll the barbell, so that your body will have the full stretch, hold the position for 5 seconds and feel the pressure to the mid section, now come back to the rest position while keeping your back straight, this will help to remove the fat fast from you mid section, do 10 repetitions of about 5 sets.

Barbell Roll Out

3. Romanian Squat

This is the barbell exercise for the lower body, in this you need to take the barbell and hold it in the opposite direction of the palm movement by the fingers, now place this on the shoulder from the chest side, now bend and allow the knee to move little bit, get the arched shaped from the body, bend so that the knee and the hip will have 45 degree angle in between to them, hold the position and come back to the rest position, this will target your front shoulder as well as your thighs, do the 10 repetitions of about the 4 sets.

Romanian Squat

4. Overhead Lunge

If you want advance exercise with the barbell then this is the best one, in this you need to hold the bar slightly wider than the shoulder width, now raise the barbell to the full, lock your knees, now bend with the one leg while keeping the other leg straight, now repeat the exercise with the other leg, in this movement and balancing of the body is important, do not give jerk to the back, this exercise gives pressure to the main shoulder as well as to the hips and the thighs, do the 10 repetitions with each legs and do the 3 sets.

Overhead Lunge

5. Barbell Curl

You have so many of the exercises for the bigger biceps but if you want to trigger both the biceps and triceps then you need to do this barbell curl, hold the barbell with the suitable weight grab it palm facing towards the wall, press your elbow to the body and lock it, raise the barbell towards the chest while squeezing the biceps and when to lower the barbell then squeeze the triceps, the combination of both biceps and triceps is unique and results are also good, you need to do only 10 repetitions of about the 5 sets only.

Barbell Curl

6. Calf Raises by Barbell

Chicken legs are most embarrassing people always works on their upper body parts and little work to the thighs but they forget to work on the calf and their are very few machines that target on calf, so we need to use the barbell to get the big calf, add the weights to the it, now place it behind the shoulder, find the position like the stairs, place the toe on it only, now raise your body to the finger and squeeze the calf, hold the position at the top and lower the body, you should do this exercise till your limit and do at least the 5 sets of it.

Calf Raises by Barbell

7. Pull Over

Bench press is the basic and the core exercise, but in this also you need to incorporate the variations, place the barbell on the ground lock the weights in it, lie on the bench so that only back will have the support and rest of the body is hanging, now pull the barbell towards your chest, squeeze the chest tightly, now reverse the directions while keeping your back straight and tight, this will trigger the whole chest, back and the shoulder, you need to do the 12 repetitions of about the 4 sets and increase the weight in each set.

Pull over

8. Barbell Back

This is the good exercise for getting the V shape and muscular barbell, you need to add weight to the one side of the barbell, while insert other side of the barbell to the hole, place the barbell between the legs and keep the position to half of the barbell, now grip the barbell just behind the weight and pull it towards the chest and press the back, as we release the barbell towards the ground we stretch the back to the full, in this you need to add the heavy weight and do the 10 repetitions of about the 5 sets.

Barbell Back