8 Angular Fringe Hairstyle Ideas For Men

Angular fringe hairstyles have been used by men at many occasions, ramp walks having the majority number of men cutting through the hairstyle. This specie, in majority of cases, deals with neatly cleaned sides allowing the top to grow long, somewhat like an undercut. The basic difference in angular fringe and an undercut is by noticing the hair falling on the forehead. The angular shaped fringes are ideally meant for men with round face as the angular fringe can somewhat add length to the face. Considering all of it, let us see some of the angular fringe hairstyles that we recommend which are trending in the modern world.

Here Are The 8 Angular Fringe Hairstyle Ideas For Men:

1. Textured Fringe

With the sides already neat and clean, the top of the hair has to be managed in a way that gives you a side partition while some part of the head is scrambled. Use your fingers to get the hair towards one side (some of it would fall on the forehead) while the not so obeying ones will give you the required scrambled look.

Textured fringe

2. Curly Fringe

The upper part has to be managed in such a way that gives the hair a curly look while the sides are short, which is nothing new. Furthermore, let the curly hair, some of it, fall on the side of your forehead, giving you the ultimate feel of your hair.

Curly fringe

3. Heavy Fringe Texture

As stated in the textured fringe heading above, this is a familiar hairstyle but with a more dense hairstyle up top. Due to the same, the hair on the forehead would be more in number and this would amount to more coverage of your forehead as well. Cool and funky, this is an easy one to achieve, but be prepared to keep pushing the hair behind.

Heavy fringe texture

4. Neat Fringe

Your barber is going to have some trouble while giving you such a hairstyle. At the same time, it is your duty to have long hair, very long hair on top. The sides, once they are cut do not create any hindrance but the hair above have to be cut so that they fall on one side up to your ear length. You really need to be bold while trying the same, but worth it to look different.

Neat fringe

5. Messi Fringe

One for the girls, to stare. This requires dedication to some extent as managing so long hair can be troublesome. The top part is allowed to grow like a freebee and fall on either side and flow with the wind. It is up to you to see that they are managed as regular rolling of fingers to throw them to one side is your duty.

Messi fringe

6. Asymmetrical Fringe

Requires regular use of the comb and once the hair are set, then you can go back to using your finders to set their sides. Remember to avoid getting one side (to which the hair would fall eventually) to remain uncut thereby giving you more hold of the look.

Asymmetrical fringe

7. Layered Angular Fringe

Leaving the sides to a shorter cut, allow your hair on the top to all on both the sides, majority of being held by the side where you want them and allowing some of it to fall on the side cut. This should be carried out by men with long hair so that some of it also falls on the forehead.

Layered angular fringe

8. Angular Fringe Undercut

Oh yes we were coming to it. The mixture of both undercut and fringe styling is something you would see very regularly these days. Since there is very little to differentiate the two, why not have them both. As simple as it gets, get an undercut and allow the hair to fall on either sides and for a messy look, allow the hair to fall on any side as they wish.

Angular fringe undercut