7 Styles Of Nehru Jackets For Mens

The Nehru jacket inspired from the amazing ethnic style of Indian wear is just flawless. The Nehru style jackets showcase the ethnicity and tradition of the Indian clothes. This is the most stunning and sober way of dressing any men can get during any occasion. This style has not been limited to India but people from various countries love to adopt this cool, stylish and trendy way of getting dressed. The Nehru jacket can be styled with lots of other clothes for a more redefining and stunning look and personality. If you have been looking for such amazing ways to dress up, here are some cool style tips on how to enhance your Nehru jacket look this season and look stylish.

Below Are The 7 Styles Of Nehru Jackets For Mens:

1. Stunning Sleeveless Nehru Jacket

This is a stunning style hack that you can adopt for a cool and trendy look. This fascinating style with a simple long kurta and a sleeveless and contrasting Nehru jacket would give you a stunner combination you would love to wear. Try this gorgeous combination and look breathtakingly cool and feel comfortable with this stylish merge.

Stunning Sleeveless Nehru Jacket

2. Amazing Double Breasted Nehru Jackets

The double breasted Nehru jackets are usually carried for a blissful and high tech look. You can complement this amazing look with stunning t-shirts and shirts. These full sleeves and sleeveless jackets look awesome when carried with stunning pants. Try this amazing and cool look this season and look dazzling.

Amazing Double Breasted Nehru Jackets

3. Velvet Nehru Jacket

If you are looking forward to get a Nehru jacket for an ethnic function or occasion just like for the festivals, you must consider this amazing style. The velvet jackets are amazing and look stunning when paired with amazing kurtas and pyjamas. Also you can complement it with amazing pants and look adorable. Rock your ethnic look with the stunning velvet Nehru jackets.

Velvet Nehru Jacket

4. Striped Nehru Jacket

If you love the striped patters here is a stunning variation of the Nehru jackets exclusively for you. This adorable pattern of the vertical and horizontal strips would never fail to enhance the look of the Nehru jackets. You can wear some amazing light shaded striped Nehru jackets with stunning dark kurtas and look completely dazzling.

Striped Nehru Jacket

5. Woollen Nehru Jackets

This is another trendy variation of the Nehru jackets which you can consider this season. The woollen Nehru jackets are the best choices for men residing in the chilly and cool areas. These amazing and war woollen Nehru jackets can be complemented with the full sleeved kurtas and pyjamas and would make you look awesome.

Woollen Nehru Jackets

6. Stunning Silk Nehru Jackets

The silk fabric is too glorious and would give you a festive look. If you are looking forward to grab a stunning Nehru jacket for an occasion of function, you can try this perfect and cool style of Nehru jacket. The silk jackets look awesome with the large salvars and plain cream kurtas making you look adorable and ethnic.

Stunning Silk Nehru Jackets

7. Khadi Nehru Jackets

The most common and most preferred Nehru jackets are the stunning khadi jackets. This is a stunning and most comfortable fabric whose jackets you would love. Try this rich and cool combination of khadi Nehru jackets and stunning kurtas which would make you feel comfortable, easy and flexible. If you are looking for a stunning casual Nehru jacket, you must try this awesome and cool variation and look dashing.

Khadi Nehru Jackets