7 High Performance Cardio Workouts

Not everyone always has the time to go running or have an extensive workout or go to the gym and tone up your body. Busy schedules and overload of work and social commitments take up a lot of your day and in the end there is not much time left for yourselves. If we want to take out the time to go to the gym, we would have to wake up really early and compromise on your sleep. But then again not all gyms open that early so maybe we would have to go really far to get the work done. For those bust soles, an intensive cardio workout could solve all your time issues and keep you in great shape.

Here Are The 7 High Performance Cardio Workouts:

1. Lunges

Stand straight with your feet together. You can do the exercise while wearing sneakers or bare foot but do not do it with only socks on as you may slip. Bring one leg forward till your thigh is parallel to the ground and feet flat on the ground. This process need to be fast to get the best results, do not rest your leg in any of the positions. Do thirty seconds of lunges for each leg.


2. High Knees

Jog on the spot with high knees. While jogging, bring the knees up to the chest and move your hands constantly like you would do while marching, but keep the hands folded and your palms should be in fists. Do this exercise as fast as you can for thirty seconds.


3. Butt Kicks

Jog on the spot by touching your ankles to your butt. You could keep your hands folded in front of your chest or make a diamond with your thumb and index fingers and place your hands on your lower back. Do the kicks for twenty seconds and then stretch by folding your leg so that the ankle touches the butt and holding it in position for five seconds. Do two stretches on each side. Feel the stretch in your thighs. After the stretch, do another set of the kicks and stretch.


4. Squat To Lateral Leg Lift

Squats work on your glutes and legs. For this exercise Spread your legs into a vide v and bring your palms in front of your chest. Squat down, stand up and lift your right leg sideways. Do not lift it too much, just a little of the floor to feel a slight stretch. When you lift your leg, your hand should be behind your back, just above the butt. Bring the leg back down and continue to do the same on one side for twenty counts. After twenty counts, switch to the other side and do another twenty.


5. Jumping Jacks

Also known as star jumps. For this exercise, stand in the attention positon for the initial position. Jump and spread your legs in a wide V. When you spread the legs while jumping your hands should make big half circles. Keep your hands straight and take the half circle by keeping from the side and end it over your head by touching the back of the palms for a moment. Jump back into the initial positon and bring the hand down to your sides. Do this exercise for thirty seconds.


6. Cross Jacks

To do this exercise, spread your hands out wide sideways and at the same time make a V with your legs, and your toes pointed, keeping your legs pointed will help to speed up the exercise. Take this position with a jump and with the following jump, cross your feet and also cross your hands in front of you while keeping them straight. With the next jump, go back to previous positon. Repeat the process for thirty seconds and alternate the other leg in front with every jump. Also alternate the hands. To make it simple, keep the right leg in front of the cross and the right hand on top of the cross at the same time.


7. Bridge Raise

This exercise works on your abs and your glutes. Lie down straight on your back with your knees bent. Keep your feet flat on the ground and aligned with your hips so that your legs are slightly apart from each other. This helps to maintain balance. Place your arms beside you and raise your stomach to the ceiling. Keep your neck fixed in one place to prevent yourself from getting hurt. When you raise your stomach to the ceiling, raise from the shoulder to the hips to the extent that the entire length from your knees to your shoulders form a straight slope. Repeat the process for thirty seconds and keep it fast for best results.