7 Great Warmup Exercises

If you have been working out at home, at the gym or just been going for jogging, you would have noticed that some parts of your body have been paining as a result of your workout. Thus it becomes important to warm up all the muscles and get your heart rate up before you go for your proper workout. So before you go for a proper workout, take a few minutes, maybe about fifteen to twenty minutes to prevent the pain resulting from workout.

Below Are Some Of The Ways To Warm Up Yourself:

1. On The Spot Jogging

Jog for thirty seconds on the spot to get your heart rate up. Do not raise your feet to your butt. Lift them slightly off of the ground and keep your hands near your chest. Do not shift your position at any time and do this right at the beginning of your warm up routine. At the end of the thirty seconds, move into some high knees jogging for ten seconds. For this, bring your thighs parallel to the ground as you jog. Stretch by bringing up your leg and holding the knees while keeping your fingers interlocked and jog with high knees for another ten seconds.

On The Spot Jogging

2. Butt Kicks

Jog on the spot by touching your ankles to your butt. You could keep your hands folded in front of your chest or make a diamond with your thumb and index fingers and place your hands on your lower back. Do the kicks for twenty seconds and then stretch by folding your leg so that the ankle touches the butt and holding it in position for five seconds. Do two stretches on each side. Feel the stretch in your thighs. After the stretch, do another set of the kicks and stretch.

Butt Kicks

3. Lunge With Rotate

Bring your right leg forward in a lunge. You right leg should be bent so that your thigh is parallel to the ground and your left leg should be stretched out straight. Once you are in the position, fold your hand and keep them in front of your chest and rotate your upper body once on each side. Bring your legs back together and do the same on the other side. This is one complete set. You need to do five of these sets.

Lunge With Rotate

4. Complete Stretch

Take a deep lunge and make sure that the leg at the back is completely stretched out and the one in the front is firmly in place. If your right leg is forward, turn towards your left and stretch out with your left hand towards the ceiling and the tip of your right hand touching the ground. Hold the position for fifteen seconds. This stretch effects the chest and the thighs.


5. Power Skips

For this exercise you will need a little bit of space. Take a big step forward and take a small jump. While taking the jump stretch out on of your hand straight to the ceiling. After you come down, walk backward to your initial point. While walking back, bend your legs and turn to the outer side one by one. When you take the next jump, stretch the other hand and while walking back, start with the other leg. You need to do ten of these.


6. Circles With The Arm

Stretch your arms out to the side and make small circles forward for ten seconds. In the next ten seconds make slightly bigger circles and even bigger circles for another ten seconds after that. When you are making the even bigger circles, your hands should come down to your sides and go straight up towards the ceiling during the circles. After you do thirty seconds of rotation forwards, repeat the process by making the circles backwards. When you go backwards, the circles should decrease in size.


7. Split Leg Windmill

Make a nice stretch with your legs, by taking a lunge forward and hold your hands out straight in front of you. Drop the left hand straight by your side and keep the right hand in front of you. After you are in the positon, bring the left hand forward making a half circle forward with your left hand and a half circle backward with your right hand. Do fifteen of these and change sides by rotating your right hand forward and your left hand backwards. After you are done with another fifteen change legs. After changing the position of your legs, do another set of the hand rotations, fifteen on each side. Rotate your shoulders once or twice at the end of it.