7 Exercises For Building Strength

We need a lot of strength for doing our daily activities and playing sports. It is the basic requirement for athletics, golf and box jumping. A strong body helps us in walking and running. When the muscles are strong, we can lose weight at a faster rate. Thus, it is important to increase the strength of our muscles and body. Exercises help us in achieving this aim. There are many types of exercises that help us in gaining strength. Strength building exercises are important for becoming fit. We will suggest some effective exercises.

Following Are The Top 7 Exercises For Building Strength:

1. Barbell Squat, Deadlift Exercises

Doing barbell exercises helps in building strength. Use a barbell for doing squats and deadlift exercises. The muscles become strong by lifting heavy weight of a barbell. You can also do shoulder press exercise with a barbell for gaining strength.

Barbell Squat, Deadlift Exercises

2. Barbell Lunges Exercise

Do the barbell lunges exercise with a squat rack for gaining strength in the body and muscles. Fix barbell on squat rack at the height of your shoulders. Stand below the bar with the barbell behind the shoulders. Lift the barbell with your hands. Push the legs and straighten the torso. Take a step forward. Do a lunge movement by squatting with one leg ahead of you. Return to starting position. Do this with the opposite leg. Repeat several times.

Barbell Lunges Exercise

3. Goblet Squat

Goblet squat is an easy exercise that helps in making the body and muscles strong. Stand straight with some gap between the two feet. Position a dumbbell near the chest taking it with two hands. Lower the body by pushing the hips downwards in a squatting position. Touch the floor, hold and come back up again in a starting position. Repeat the movement ten times.

Goblet Squat

4. Bench Press

The Bench Press exercise is very good for strengthening the muscles of the upper body. It is done on a bench press machine. Lie down on the machine with the face up. Keep the knees bent and touching the floor down the bench. Hold the bar and take it near the chest downwards. Press the bar upwards again in a pressing movement. The weight lifting exercise helps in making the shoulders, abs, chest and back strong.

Bench Press

5. Hills Sprints

Running is a very good exercise for building the body strength. For this, you should do sprinting in the hills. Find a hill with a moderate level steep. Do sprints by running on top of the hill. After that, return down by walking. Take rest and repeat this. This time, do the sprint twice. Do tow more sprints on the next round. It will improve the muscle strength.

Hills Sprints

6. Calf Raises

Standing calf raises exercise is another very good workout for building the body strength. It is done with a calf raise machine. Take a proper position under the machine. Keep the feet on calf block upper portion. Keep your heels stretched and extended ahead. Straighten the body. Push the lever of the machine. Lift the heels upwards and extend the ankles. Do not bend the knees. Hold to stretch the calves and return. Take the heels down. Do this several times.

Calf Raises

7. Push-Ups

Push-ups are effective exercises for strengthening the upper body. Lie down on a bed or floor on the stomach with the face downwards. Place the hands near the shoulders. Maintain a plank position with the body resting on hands and feet. Lower the body towards the bed or floor. Lift the body again in the starting position to do a push-up movement. Repeat the movement twelve times.