7 Deadlift Variations For The Perfect Back

Upper body plays an important role in shaping you. If you want a perfect V shape body then you have to work on the back both the upper part as well as lower, there are so many of the exercises for this, from the basic to the advance level, but dead lift is one of the core exercise for the back, even many trainers and the professional bodybuilders add dead lift to give shape to the body. Dead lifts has so many of the variations with it that triggers each part of the back, here are some of the dead lift variations that will help you to give the shape that you always want.

1. Sumo Dead Lift

This is one of the amazing dead lift and this can be done by the beginners also, you just need to add the weights according to your strength, now grip the bar, just to close to the shoulder breadth, now slowly, press down the barbell to the floor, keep your back straight, stretch your back away from the body, hold the position for the 5 seconds and now go back to the rest position, squeeze your back tightly while getting up, do the 10 repetitions of the 4 sets, this variations will add the mass to the back and you will have the big size.

Sumo Dead Lift

2. Deficit Dead Lift

This is the exercise and it is most common in all the gym, stand on the weight plate, then hold the barbell just enough to the shoulder breath, grip it now hand towards yourself and second to the other, slowly go down, stretch your back to the full extend, move your back slightly ahead of the body line and then go back to the rest position and squeeze the shoulder back, do the 12 repetitions and about 4 sets, increase the weight in each set.

Deficit Dead Lift

3. Dumbbell Dead Lift

This is the exercise for the intermediate level, if your back is not growing or you are not getting the proper shape, then you should try this exercise, this is a good exercise in which you need to hold the dumbbell in your hand, so that the dumbbell should be hanging, now try to touch the ground and make the arc shape to the back, keep your back straight, hold the position, extend your back, now get to the rest position and squeeze the back, do the 15 repetition of about the 3 sets.

Dumbbell dead lifting, jump

4. Bent Over Dead Lift

This is the most advance dead lift variation, in this you need to bend your back and make at least 45 degree angle, slightly bend your knee, then hold the barbell tight, add the plates to it, now keep your back straight and lower the barbell towards the down, hold it and then raise the barbell to the chest and hold the position for 5 seconds, squeeze your back and push your shoulder towards the back, do the 5 sets of about the 12 repetitions, if you feel any pain in the back, immediately leave it, do not give jerk to the body.

Bent Over Dead Lift

5. Stand T-Bar Dead Lift

This is the good exercise, if you are weightlifter, then this is the exercise for you. In this exercise, a T-Bar is attached to the fixed point, add the plates to each of the sides, now hold the barbell away to the shoulder strength, now bend your knee slightly and get the bow shape from the back, now pull it slowly towards the chest and then lower it, the pace should be normal, do the 10 repetitions of 4 sets.

Stand T-Bar Dead Lift

6. Trap Bar Dead Lift

This is the not the basic dead lift, this is famous now a days, but the result are pretty impressive, the good thing about this exercise is that your back feel relaxed all the time, you will have to place in between the box of the tarp bar, now hold the bar, bend towards the ground slowly and get to the rest position while squeezing your back completely, add the maximum weight to it, do the 4 sets of about the 15 repetitions.

Trap Bar Dead Lift

7. Single Leg Dead Lift

This is the advance level of the dead lift variation and gives you full control on the body. In this hold the dumbbell in the hand, now bend the body towards the ground from the back, raise your one leg to the opposite side of body, keep your body straight, now do lower the dumbbell to the flour and pull it towards the chest, now raise the other leg and do the same exercise with the other hand, now do the 4 sets of about the 10 repetitions with each hand.

Single Leg Dead lift