7 Best Ways To Boost Your Stamina For Running

All runners want to improve their stamina and endurance. But stamina and endurance refer to two different things in runners. The beginners would want to increase the distance they run like 2 miles to 4 miles, then to six and so on. But the experienced runners don’t focus on running farther. They rather fight to enhance their speed, the pace with which they cover a particular distance. Runners can work on both at the same time by following training plans which improve speed endurance and others which increase the length of distances they run. By following these workouts many runners have successfully improved their endurance and stamina.

Here Are The 7 Best Ways To Boost Your Stamina For Running:

1. Start With One Step At One Time

You must not take all steps at one time, just be patient, consistent, and grow slowly. This is a gradual adaptation principle that can be applied to all runners in all circumstances. This principle is rooted deeply in human physiology and has already worked for several runners. In this principle, you must add one mile a week and build your endurance slowly but steadily.

Start with one step at one time

2. Yasso’s 800-meter

This program has worked for thousands of runners in which runner has to run same as in a marathon, i.e., 800 m repeats on the track for same seconds/minutes/hours like in a marathon. In this system, you need to run 800s once a week by starting with only 4 to 5 according to your pace and then add once a week till you reach your goal.

Yasso’s 800-meter

3. Running Long And Slow

This is a great way to improve your stamina. In this, you need to run only 80% of the speed you can actually run for the same distance. This is because runners get hurt if they are trained too hard and as a result, they never reach their goal. Running only eighty percent is easy and helps runners keep injury free.

Running long and slow

4. Every Workout Must Count

To increase your endurance, you must try different workouts. You can do different pieces of training on different days like interval training, tempo training, long runs, etc. This helps your body to adapt to all sorts of race paces like 5-K, 10-K or marathon races.

Every workout must count

5. Perform Plyometrics

This is an amazing way to enhance your endurance. You must go for fast feet drill rather than running strides for long weeks. Run only around 15 to 20 yards with manageable shortest and quickest strides. Don’t lift your knees high but lift them as fast as possible and also pump your arms forcibly. Take rest and repeat this for six to eight times a day.

Perform Plyometrics

6. Long Tempo Runs

In order to boost your running stamina, you must do a tempo run once for 8 weeks. It’s better to start with 20 minutes tempo run and then add 5 minutes every week to your tempo run. But you must be sure to take simple training sessions before and after your tempo runs.

Long tempo runs

7. Long And Fast Runs

In this method, you must pick up your pace during long runs for the last twenty-five percent of distance left. But remember that you must not attack your long run at last and then collapse when the race finishes. Rather, you must run harder at the end to adapt your body to fast run fatigue of the race.

Long and fast runs

Running is a most fun exercise that involves whole body movement. Try the above mentioned tips and build the stamina for it.