7 Best Kettlebell Exercises You Must Do Everyday

Kettlebell work out is one of the efficient ways to improve stamina and cardiovascular conditions. It is highly appreciated by gym trainer as this exercise gives double benefits in single movement. If you love exercise, Kettlebell preparation gives you new way to advance your strength. Kettlebells are normally an iron a weight varies from 5 pounds to 100 pounds. A thick round handle is attached with a cannon ball. Moving Kettlebells forward and backward considered as most effective exercise as it uses whole body power which can burn overall fat. It also improves your cardiovascular condition.

Here Are 7 Best  Kettlebell Exercises You Must Do Everyday

1. Shot Put

Shot put is one of the most effective ways to burn calories. This exercise will cover shoulder, back area and lower body parts. Initially you can do a set of 10 repetitions. You can increase set size and speed based on your experience.

Shot Put


First of all keep your feet wide open like sumo. Hold a Kettlebell in front of left shoulder and stretch your right elbow towards it. You can straight your leg while lifting right heel. Turn your body right while pressing Kettlebell up in line with shoulder and swing right arm. You can repeat it with right shoulder.

2. Snatch

Snatch is again one of the high calorie burning workouts. This exercise almost covers all the muscle parts lying in our body. Snatch can increase your heart rate at quite extent and that’s why it is highly recommended by cardiologists. Initially do it with set of 10 and increase later on based on your stamina.



Hold a Kettlebell in right arm with legs wide open. Swing it from top of the shoulder to middle of your legs. You can repeat it with left arm.

3. Bent Press

Bent press is highly benefited to hips, back and shoulder muscles in lone movement. It is recommended by many of the gym trainers. Start it with set of 10-15 and increase later on.

Bent Press


Hold Kettlebell in your right hand. Keep your leg wide open. Now, swing your right hand straight up of your shoulder and stretch your left hand till left leg toe. Repeat it with left hand.

4. Shoulder By Shoulder

Scientifically, it has been proven as the best technique in shoulder press section. It can shape up your upper body portions. It also helps to build inner muscle parts. You can start with little and increase according to your strength.

Shoulder By Shoulder


Stand by keeping your feet wider. Grab the Kettlebell with both your hand and keep it in front of right shoulder. Now press the bell with both hands and then move it towards left shoulder. Repeat the same steps.

5. Kettlebell Side Plank

Strong inner muscle always gives you best performance during competition. Kettlebell side plank not only gives interior benefits but it also powers your shoulder, legs and back. Try set of 10-15 each time.

Kettlebell Side Plank


Lie on right side with elbow bent. Hold bell in left hand and extend it straight up of your head in line with your left shoulder. Keep your stomach tight. Now extend your left leg simultaneously from your hip, keep it for a while and move down.

6. Lunge Gunslinger

Gunslinger name is derived from the way this exercise shapes up. Lunge gunslinger puts emphasis on your biceps. This is an energetic exercise which gives multi joint benefits. It requires coordination of other body parts to perform this exercise.

Lunge Gunslinger


Hold a Kettlebell in right hand. Extend it till right shoulder. Meanwhile extend your leg left leg from hip to back side. This looks simple but requires lot of energy. Repeat it with a set of 10 everyday.

7. High Pull

If you want to give power to your shoulder and back, this can be a game changer exercise for you. High pull can be done by different weights. You can use weight which equivalent to 15% of your body weight.

High Pull


Stand by keeping legs wide open. Hold Kettlebell at bottom of the leg and swing it till top of the shoulder by both hands. Your body can be fully stretched while performing it. You can do it with single hand also but holding light weight bell.