6 Low-Impact Workouts To Get The Whole Body In Shape

Workouts are always good, but sometimes it is not for everyone as the body has some qualities, some people can lift heavy weights but some cannot, some can run fast but other run slow, there are some of the basic qualities of individual, there are so many of the ways by which you can get the perfect shape, so you need to find out the best possible way, low impact workouts are easy to do and the results are good, your body joints, ligament, muscles will not feel pain and you will get the shape in the natural way, you can do it at your home and incorporate it to the daily life, here is the list of some of the low impact workouts for the whole body.

1. Walking

This is the best exercise for the body, this is good for the lower body, now to make your body in shape, you need to add some extra thing to it, you can add the weights to the hand or you can hold the weights at the top and then walk, you can also do the hill climbing, walking will increase the blood flow to the body.


2. Cycling

This is another way to get the body in shape, it is good to do cycling because travelling by bicycle is environment friendly also, but it is good for your health also, this is low impact exercise, this will allow your knee to work properly, you can buy any gym cycle at home and you can increase the level of the speed, this will reduce the cholesterol level, this will make your hips in shape as well your legs also.


3. Swimming Exercise

This is the best exercise for all the body, especially for the shoulders, this will also increase the stamina of the body, you should swim 1 hour a day and you will not need any other exercise, this will automatic clean the lungs, this is the best exercise to remove the fat from the belly area, also it will give a nice shape to the chest and help in getting proper abs.


4. Dips Exercise

This is a core exercise, it works on the shoulder, chest, triceps, biceps and other parts also, you can add the variations to this exercise, you can add weight to the back and then perform it, you can do high dips and add one or two exercises with it to get the maximum results at home, while performing this exercise you need to make sure that the impact should not be on the back, it should be on the muscles that you are targeting.

Triceps dips

5. Yoga

Yoga is a natural medicine for all the problems related to the body, doing yoga daily will give you perfect body, it will give you good metabolism, there are so many of the yoga posture for each part of the body and you can choose according to your need, make sure the proper time of the yoga should be followed and you should perform yoga in front of a good yoga teacher.

Practice Yoga Daily

6. Rowing Exercise

This is the exercise you can do at the gym, you need sit of the machine, grab the pulley through the hands, keep you back straight and pull it towards the chest and then release it. This is also a low impact workout and you can change the range of the pulley from the belly to the chest and this will give result to the shoulder, back, chest, triceps and other parts.

Rowing Exercise