6 Great Exercises That Fix Your Crappy Posture

A perfect body is the need of everyone and we do a lot of hard work to get it, if any body part is not well developed then the whole body looks unshaped. Crappy posture is ugliness of the body, in which some of the body parts get bend our in unshaped, sometime the crappy posture gives you serious injuries also and complete deformation of the body, so we must avoid then, in order to get the well shape we need to do some of the exercises, these exercise are so easy and you can do it at home also, here is the list of the exercises.

1. Wall Angels

This is one of the best exercise for the crappy posture, even you can do it at home also, first you need to wear the loose cloths, now find out the plain wall to the room, stand straight and keep your back touch to the wall, now raise your hand and make the 90 degree angle with the elbow, now raise your hand slowly, towards the ceiling and come back to the rest position, you can also do the advance level of it, by raising the toe also along with the hands, this will make your spine tight and slowly crappy posture will be gone.

Wall Angels

2. Hip Hinge Exercise

This exercise will give you full flexibility to the body and then you can over come with the crappy posture, this is the simple exercise, you just need to stand straight, now make the gap of about a feet between your legs, now raise you hand and spread your fingers, now bend while keeping your hips away from the ground, keep your back straight and stretch yourself completely, come back to the rest position and get the relax your body, do at least 10 repetitions of about 4 sets.

Hip Hinge Exercise

3. Chin Tuck

Lean muscles are loved by everyone and the most important part is your face, the overall look comes from the face. Double chin make you embarrassed always and sometimes you are prone to some harmful disease also, but this is the simple exercise by which you can get rid of double chip, you can sit on the table or you can do it by standing, place your first two fingers on the chin, now press it, move your head through the neck to the back side and then to the front side, hold the position for 5 seconds and then take rest, slowly your double chin will be no more.

Chin Tuck

4. Farmer’s Carry

We have the fluid in the our ears which balances our body, any variation to it will change the posture of the body, farmer normally travel with the baggage on their head or take the baggage to both the hands and if your body posture is crappy then you cannot move from one place to other, so your body will maintain the correct posture, now to do this at home, just hold some of the weight or dumbbell to the both the hands and walk slowly and try to maintain the correct posture, walk for about 5 minutes, so that impact will be on the whole body.

Farmers Walk Shrug

5. Bridge Hold

Sometime, you have the slip disk problem, this happens with the tall people or with the people with sitting job, the whole spin is in stress and thus resulting the complete deformation and the your body will be bent after sometime, so you need to do a simple exercise at your home, lie on the floor and touch your whole back to it, bend your knee and stretch your arms completely, now raise your body while pushing up the back and make it straight, keep your arms at rest, now raise your one leg in the same line of the body and then rest it, now do this with the other leg also, do the 10 repetitions from each legs and do the 5 sets of it, you can do it with the farmer’s carry exercise.

Bridge Hold

6. V- Move Band

Sometimes we feel pain to the color bones this is just because that we some problems with the shoulders, if the shoulders are in stress then this happens and this will give you problem of shoulder dislocation, so you need to take the V band press the middle part with the legs, now hold it with the hand, raise it to the shoulder height in the body line and keep your arms straight, squeeze your shoulder to the back side and then come back to the rest position, do the 10 repetitions and then hold it with the other leg and repeat the whole process.

V- Move Band