6 Easy Exercises For Beach-Ready Abs

Every men wants to look attractive in order to that he wants to have good physique. Big biceps, triceps, shoulders etc. but all in all having a six pack abs is always a priority for the men. Abs requires lots of hard work in the gym. But if a man has the six pack abs he will always noticed by the audience. Shirtless at the sea beach always gives you lot of confidence if you have six pack abs.

Here Are Some Of The Exercises By Which You Can Get The Six Pack Abs Easily:

1. Crunches Through The Machine

In almost every gym there is a machine for the triceps. Insert the rope in the hook of the machine and then add the weights according to your capacity. Now sit and then grip the cable row nicely and then bend to squeeze the abs, not the spine. Now hold for the 3 seconds and then release it and then repeat the process for the 15 repetition. Increase the weight in all the sets and do the 4 sets of it.

Crunches through the machine

2. Bicycle Exercise

This is the exercise for the lower abs and this you need lay down on the ground and the raise your legs to the 90 degree angle and then you just take assume that you have a bicycle paddle now run the bicycle for the 50 rounds and then release and then again do this process and do at least the 4 sets of it for the 50 repetitions. When your knees are coming towards the chest then release the breath.

Bicycle Exercise

3. Cable Woodchop

This is the exercise for the obliques as they are most important in the abs. In this you grip the cable and then take the position 1 feet away from the machine and then pull the cable with the full arm length and the twist to the sides do the 15 repetition to each side and squeeze the obliques while twisting. Do the 4 sets of the total 30 repetition.

Cable woodchop

4. Kneeling Ab Wheel

This is one of the most amazing exercise for the beach abs and this can be done in the home also. In this you just bend through the knees and then in the hand place the ab wheel and the slowly roll it till you lay down to the ground completely and then roll it up in very slow motion. While rolling up contract the abs muscles and then release the breath.

Kneeling Ab Wheel

5. Hanging Knee Raising

This is the tough exercise but the results are awesome and in the you just hang your self form the rod and then just lift your feets up and then slowly down it and then do as much you can. While lifting up you just release the breath. You can also twist your body to the sides for the obliques. Make sure the back should be straight and no strain on it.

Hanging Knee Raising

6. Tough Your Feet

This is the exercise for the middle abs and in this lay down on the ground and then make the 90 degree angle from the legs, now squeeze the abs to touch the feet and then release do the 30 repetition of it and then do the 4 sets of it. In every sets just increase the angle of the feet so that there will be more tension on the middle abs. Make your your neck and the back should be in the same direction and there will not be any stretch on it.

Tough Your Feet