6 Cardio-Based Bodyweight Exercises

Today’s world is the world of the time, every one is busy in his work, so he does not have time to go to the gym and does the exercises but he wants a good physique also, body weight is also good, because this is the weight, that you carry all the time, so it is good to do the exercises with these weight also, these are the exercises that you can perform at any time at any place, this is best for the people who has not much time for exercises, so here are some of the cardio moves that you can do at your home by using your body weight.

1. Inch Worm Exercise

This is one of the best exercise at home of the body weight, in this you need to get the dips position, now slowly place your hands slowly 1 inch backward and get the position of the dog, now again slowly, go the same position by crawly like a worm, make sure your back should be straight and the pressure should be on the forearms not on the knees, do the 5 repetitions of about the 3 sets only.

Inch Worm Exercise

2. T Rotation Exercise

This is the exercise that will work on the abs and the shoulder, just get the position of the dips, now slowly raise your one hand to the top and twist the whole body like the alphabet letter T, make the upper part of the T with the hand and rest body will make the lower part, make sure your body should be in a straight line and the body should be in full extended position, flip to the other side and  perform the same thing, do to 10 repetitions from each side and do the 5 sets.

T Rotation Exercise

3. Mountain Climber Twist

This is also cardio exercise that uses body weight and gives you a total strength. In this exercise, you need to get to the position of the dog, now raise your hips little bit, now push right leg to the left chest and left leg to the right chest, now do this fast, this will give impact to the lower part of the body, also this will strengthen your back and your legs will be in shape with this exercise, do the 20 repetitions of about the 5 sets.

Mountain Climber Twist

4. High Knee Run

If you want to burn the fat of the body, want to get a lean muscles then you need to do this exercise, just get ready to the running position, now raise your knee towards the chest fast, make the mark with the hands and try to touch it with the knees, this will increase the heartbeat, so that blood flow to the body will be increased and you will get strong muscles.

High Knee Run

5. Skaters Exercise

This is also a good exercise, this is combination of the cardio movement also, in this you need to raise your hand to the chest, now make a gap of shoulder width, jump side ways with one leg and keep the other leg behind to the other leg, raise the hand simultaneously one by one to the chest, do this exercise fast but maintain your balance also, do the 5 sets of it.

Skaters Exercise

6. Burpee Exercise

This is the combination of the dips, high jump, in this you need to first get the dips position, then do one dip, then stand straight and immediately jump, then again repeat the process, this is the exercise in which the whole body weight acts and gives you best results, do the 10 repetitions of about the 5 sets only.