6 Boxing-Inspired Cardio Moves To Get You In Serious Shape

When we see a boxer, performing boxing in the ring or at home, we want to be look like him, the physique that he has is the best, he has the lean shape and his whole body has the shine. Boxing is not an easy task and everyone cannot be a boxer, but we can get the body like the boxer, the main strength of the boxer is from his legs and for this he do so many of the cardio moves, these cardio moves can be perform by anyone to get in shape, the results are impressive, so if anyone devoted himself to the boxing cardio he must have a good and lean physique, here are some of the moves you can perform.

1. Sprawl Exercise

This is one the best exercise for the boxer and you can also do it, this is the combination of dips and boxing move, first you need to do one dip, then immediately stand up and get the boxing move, then do the dip again and repeat the exercise, till your body will say no to it, this exercise will have the impact of each part of the body and you will have a good lean shape.

Sprawl Exercise

2. Jump Squat

This is a good cardio exercise for the boxing, jumping squat gives the strength to the legs that help a boxer in the match, so if we want the same strength then you can also do this, just jump to a certain height, then land slowly and do the squat, do the same process at least for 15 repetitions, make sure you will not have the jerk on the back.

Jump Squat

3. Shadow Boxing

You can see all the boxer performing the shadow exercise, but the results are so impressive, it works on the shoulders and the triceps muscles, you just need to imagine the shadow of the boxer and beat him by performing the boxing, just raise your hands close to the head and then give the punch to the shadow, just do the punching as fast as you can.

Shadow Boxing

4. Foot Work Switch

This is the common step of the boxer in which they twist their body by doing the foot work switch, this will remove the fat from the belly area, just bend slightly, now make gap between the legs, bend the knees now switch the side by changing the foot place, you can do this by just jumping to the other side, do this exercise any time.

Foot Work Switch

5. Jump Rope

This is the exercise by which you can work on you whole body, just take the jumping rope in your hands, now jump, even if you not have the rope, still you can jump like the same way, here you need to make your legs straight and the impact of the landing should be on the toes not on the back or knees, do as maximum as you can, this exercise will increase the heart rate, hence more blood to the body and this will help you in getting the lean muscles.

Jump Rope

6. High Knees

This is another exercise of the cardio for the work on the chest and the thighs, you need to raise your knees to the chest height alternatively and simultaneously touch the hand to the knee also, do the maximum repetitions, as you do this the muscles of the legs and chest works together, hence the extra fat will get dissolve and you will get a lean body.

High Knees