5 Most Lunge Variations Exercise For Men

In the hectic life, you try your best to keep yourself peppy and strong through your regular workouts. There are various fitness centers which offer a wide range of fitness exercises for men. If you want to match up with the speed of the fast-paced world, then you have to be strong and sturdy. You will need to increase your metabolism by burning off calories and make your body flexible. Aside from other workouts in the gym, every man should try out lunges to keep their glutes, hamstrings, calves and legs toned and healthy for years together.

Get To Know Five Most Lunge Variation Exercises For Men In The Next Lines Of This Article:

1. Walking Lunge:

Stand straight and widen your shoulder, placing your hands on the hips. Put your right leg in front and towards downwards. Try to flex your knees. Before you put your left knee on the floor, put your left knee up and put your right leg in front while you step into a lunge using the other side of your body.

Walking lunge

2. Curtsy Lunge:

Step your right foot ahead and place it on a bench. Keep your toes on the edge of the bench. Put pressure on the ball of your left side of your foot. Let your right side of the knee touch the floor. Elevate your left leg and make sure you do not exert pressure on your body.

Curtsy Lunge

3. Static Lunge:

While you bend down your body into the lunge, you should bend your knees to the 90-degree angle. If you have put your leg in front, then you should apply some pressure on the right foot. Touching the right foot on the floor, you should ensure to keep your right foot firm and in a flat position. Try to balance your left leg while you raise your left leg in upward direction using the heel of your right foot.

Static lunge

4. Around-the-clock Lunge:

Visualize yourself to be standing in the centre of the clock surrounded by the numbers from 1-12. Your task is to strike every number of the clock. With the help of your right foot and using your left leg, you should lung ahead to number 12. From the number 12, move slightly ahead and now move to your right and reach number 1. Step your foot backward to number 6. Change the position of your foot and do the rest of the numbers using your left foot.

Around-the-clock lunge

5. Lunge And Reach:

Hold a dumbbell in your hand and raise the right knee high. Have a stretchable step in a forward direction while your right foot should be firmly placed down the floor. Put your trunk in a sloppy position, making the dumbbells touch the floor. You should lean your trunk in such a way that the dumbbells should touch on the right foot. Keeping your rear foot in a parallel position, push yourself back to the starting position.

Lunge and reach

Lunge variations exercises are the most important for men as they are necessary for physical fitness and also good for health. if you wish to bring great and valuable shape then perform this exercise daily as it reduces the risk of developing the numerous diseases.Significant thing among workouts exercises you require to reduce the measure of sugar and sweet which you are taking in your day to day routine. Get your body moving and flexible with lunge exercises. Upon doing lunge exercises regularly, you will gain a coordination and balance in your body.