5 Foot Strengthening Exercises For Improving Sports Performance

Athletes and sports personals are in constant need to stay as fit and active as possible and need to without doubt incorporate certain daily exercises which helps in strengthening their foot due to the simple fact that most of the other workouts they practice need a lot of balancing act. Foot strengthening exercises are not only great to give the much needed strength to the legs to perform strenuous activities and exercises but also helps build posture as well as balance in the body.
Thus due to the main importance of it all, discussed below are the best of the foot strengthening exercises for improving sports performance.

Below Are The 5 Foot Strengthening Exercises For Improving Sports Performance:

1. Running On Soft Grass Or On Sand

This is one of the easiest of the foot strengthening exercises that anyone can practice in the longer run where one just needs to run on any soft floor or on grass or even better on sand to increase the strength and flexibility in the foot muscles. Running on the soft grass also helps improve joint articulation in the feet muscles, strengthen the muscles and also increase the motion in the legs as well.

Running On Soft Grass Or On Sand

2. Toe Lifting Activity

This form of foot strengthening exercise helps in increasing the blood circulation in the toe muscles and also builds endurance, strength and balance in the feet. In this simple exercise regime one would just need to lift each toe steadily and slowly while the other feet sole is firmly placed on the ground. Repeating the same on each toe for three sets serves the purpose in no time.

Toe Lifting Activity

3. Resistance Band Exercise

The resistance band or flat band exercise regime is known to effectively increase sports performance in the foot muscles where the first step to attain it is by fastening the same on to a secure point and then wrapping the other end of the band to the top region of the foot just below the toes. While doing this one would need to be in a seated pose while the legs are extended at the front and the tension needs to be created by slowly pulling the foot close to the shin region. Doing a few repetitions on both the feet helps a lot.

Resistance Band Exercise

4. Swing The Legs

The leg swinging exercise regime is another great form which can improve and increase the balance and flexibility in the legs improving the overall sports performance in the long run. To practice this one would first need to stand on the right leg and then raise the left one at least at a levelof three to six inches above the ground level while the arms are by the sides. The next step is to slowly swing the left leg back and forth while making sure that the foot does not touch the floor in the process and the last step is to move the foot sideways while the right arm is extended outward. Repeating the same with the other leg helps.

Swing The Legs

5. A Stroll On The Rocks

Walking on rocky terrain or an uneven surface can do wonders to the feet performance as well as to the entire body. The rocks have the capacity to activate all ythe nerves present in the feet and thus helping in increasing sports performance in the feet. Walking on rocks or such like uneven surfaces for at least half an hour per day will surely help in the long run and also improve balance of the body.

A Stroll On The Rocks