5 Effective Ways To Develop Strong And Lean Thighs

It is a strong challenge to develop strong and lean thighs because a chunk of fat that is stored needs to be knocked out. To ensure this, diet and intense exercise are chiefly needed. The exercise needs to be in the form of weight and cardiovascular. Moreover, it needs to be adequately supported by a diet that will guide the entire program. There should be no gap in the training program else the entire program might fall flat. The training must be drafted in a manner that will put the legs into action on every exercise schedule. This will not help in ensuring strength but also make the legs muscular and lean. The following are the 5 effective ways that will guide you to develop strong and lean thighs.

1. Put The Legs Into Action

The golden rule states that you must use your legs in every activity that will enhance the result. It will save money and protect the environment too. If you need to a very short distance then you can walk, cycle, use a street rider, etc. When you commute around 30 minutes then an extra 500 calories gets burned. It comes to around 3 pounds per month. Hence, provides strength to the legs and build lean thighs. When legs are brought into action, there is an enormous pressure on the legs and the results are bound to be achieved.

Put the legs into action

2. Sprint For Lean Legs

Sprints can be termed as intervals between cardio that bring the heart rate up and then allowing it to come down in gaps. It enhances the process of metabolism and leads to burning off extra calories making it more effective than jogging. It is one of the effective ways to develop leaner legs. Hence, it is important to introduce sprint in your cardio by moving as rapid as one can for 10 seconds.

Sprint for lean legs

3. Care Of Knees

Knee pain can be tagged as a major issue that reduces the intensity of a strong workout. Hence, aerobic exercises must be considered as it reduces inflammation and resistance training supports the knee. It makes the muscles strong. The further running technique must be good and in proper form to train legs. Knees are the pillars and one must ensure that the knees do not get hurt in any scenario.

Care of knees

4. Train From Every Angle

Legs must be trained from every angle. Considering the same exercise over and over again might lead to a lack of interest. Leg training must be done in a proper mix so that the lower body muscles get trained from all angles. Ensure a chart that has to lunge, squatting with every plane of movement. It is vital, as well as the need of the hour because training from one angle has its own disadvantage that can be eliminated when different angles are worked upon. It not only leads to a good workout but also brings the desired effect.

Train from every angle

5. Drop Set

The set must be started with a weight that is about 25% more than you would lift. It is essential to complete 5-6 repetitions with the weight. Drop the weight capacity to 25% less than you normally lift and complete the set under 9-10 repetitions. It enables to fatigue the muscles and helps in gaining the desired result. As it is a drop set the intensity gets reduced in every workout and develops a strong effect on the legs.

Drop set

Written by Pankaj Khanna

An MBA and a Company Secretary with deep rooted love for writing. A fitness freak and a fashion model. The blogs will strive to help people to reach their fitness goals. Stay connected for more and keep sharing!!