5 Different Styles Of Sideburns For Men

Modern men are very much aware of the fact that proper hairstyle can make them look attractive. A good hairstyle certainly adds personality too. Sideburns is extension of hair which extends down the vertical length of an ear remaining in front of it.. Interestingly it is seen that men try to bring different styles to sideburns also. These styles bring added dimension to the personality of a man too. The amusing thing about sideburns is that a man who has scanty hair on head can have sideburns and even can bring styles to it.

Here Are 5 Different Styles Of Sideburns For Men:

1. Slim Short Sideburns

This kind of sideburns is the most common type that men usually adapt. A man who does not pay much attention to hairstyle or style in broad sense has a slim and short sideburns.  This sideburns does not extend much below the vertical height of the ear. Sometimes it is seen much shorter than vertical height of an ear.

Slim short sideburns

2. Cropped Sideburns

Sometimes some men adapt hairstyles in which they keep some amount hair on the head while rest is cropped very small or minutely. In such case the sideburns also takes a form of cropped sideburns. In some cases cropped sideburns become difficult to notice while in some other cases these are very vaguely extended below the length of the ear.

Cropped sideburns

3. Thick Hairy Sideburns

In contrast to slim and cropped sideburns some men like to have very thick hairy sideburns. These sideburns extend much below the vertical length of the ear and sometimes extends to chins too. This kind of sideburns sometimes makes a man look fascinating.

Thick hairy sideburns

4. Slim Sideburns With Thick Horn

Sometimes stylish men keep their sideburns in slim thin way that assumes a thickness at the lower end near the horn. This kind of sideburns can remain same length of the ear or can reach below it also.

Slim sideburns with thick horn

5. Sideburns That Connects Beard

Some men like to have much hair that is mustache and beard in the face. In such case a man can have sideburns that bridges beard with the hair on head on both sides of the face. This gives added shade to the personality of a man.

Sideburns that connects beard