5 Best Spartacus Workouts For Men


Who does not want a toned body? But, it is not easy to have a toned body without workouts and exercises. In this digital age where you devote your time in front of computers and sitting for hours at one place, fats are bound to get accumulated in your body. A regular exercise and workout can remove fats to a large extent from your body. For men who want to reduce fats in the hope of having a lean body, then they must try out spartacus workouts. The spartacus workouts will not only give you good muscles with a lean body, but also will help you in enhancing your cardiovascular health and the strength of your body. The spartacus workouts also mitigate your belly fat.

Have A Quick Glance Over The Article To Know The Five Best Spartacus Workouts For Men:

1. Mountain Climber:

Imagine you are doing push-ups, keeping your arms straight in a parallel position. Position your body in such a way that from tip to toe, your body should be in a straight line. Do not swift your lower back posture. Now, slowly raise your right foot from the floor and turn your right knee and bring the knee close to your chest. Once again, go back to the starting pose and now perform the same workout with the left leg.

Mountain Climber

2. Split Jump:

Split your legs a bit. Maintain a distance of three feet from one leg to another. Keep your right foot ahead of your left foot. Maintain the torso by keeping it erect. Now, lower down your legs and at the same time, lower down your entire body into a lunge. Have a jump with full force for once. When you place your feet on the floor after your jump, you should put your left leg forward. Once again, perform the same workout with your forward leg.

Split Jump

3. Single-arm Dumbbell Swing:

Hold a dumbbell in your hand. Keep the dumbbell far away from your waist. Do not twist the back side of your lower portion. Now, lower down your knees and hips and swing the dumbbell in the middle of your legs. Straighten your arms and put your hips forward. Now, swing the dumbbell from up and bring down to your shoulder while you are in a standing pose. Perform the workout by switching your arms.

Single-arm dumbbell swing

4. T-pushup:

Take two dumbbells in your hands. Be in a pushup position, keeping your arms in a straight line. Lower your elbows and at the same time, bend your body and bring your body to the floor. As you try to push your back portion in upward direction, you should raise your right hand and turn towards your right with lifting the dumbbells high over your shoulder. Perform this workout with left-hand side of your body. During this workout, your body should take a shape of T position.


5. Dumbbell Sid Lunge And Touch:

Take two dumbbells in your hands and keep them far apart from your sides. Stretch your leg to the left side and bend your body with your hips in the backward position while twisting your left knee. When you bend your body, let the dumbbells reach the ground. Do the workout for nearly 30 seconds and then perform the same workout by using your right leg.

Dumbbell Sid Lunge And Touch

The aforementioned five Spartacus workouts will help tone your muscles and burn unwanted fats from your body. Try out these workouts to get a firm body you have always dreamt of