5 Best Shoulder Exercises Without Weights

We understand that during outings and holidays, you may not get able to hit your gym. This does simply not mean that you need to pause your gymming and spoil your hard work just as the gyimming equipments are not available. If you are on an amazing strength training and body building regime and are focusing over your shoulders, you can try some cool and amazing workout which would work miracles on your shoulders without weight. These workouts are high impact workouts which can make your body chiseled without weights. For dazzling upper body, cool arms, dazzling biceps, stunning muscles and adorable shoulders, follow this cool and high impact workout which would not spoil your workout routine and would get you flawless results!

1. Pushups

Pushups can work best on the arms and upper body if you want chiseled and sharp shoulders, you can consider this flawless workout which would never fail to get amazing results. Perform pushups for 15-20 minutes and you would go through a tough workout session which your weighted workouts also could not get you! For superb arms, adorable shoulders, stunning core and supportive back, try this amazing workout and you would love the outcomes! With a cool tension over the shoulders, arms and back, this amazing workout would get some flawless results you always wanted!


2. Triceps Dips

This is one of the most high intensity workouts which can get you an adorable body. If you want to specifically target your shoulders and arms, you can try the triceps dips which can work miracles for your workout regime. Perform the triceps dips which can make your arms stronger and also would tighten your triceps. Perform this cool and high impact workout for dazzling results! We simply love this adorable and high intensity replacement workout for the weighted workouts!

Triceps Dips

3. Wall Presses

Wall presses are cool and can work wonders on your shoulders. If you want sharp and strong arms with chiseled shoulders, you can perform the wall presses for amazing outcomes. Wall presses would target your triceps, arms, shoulders, and biceps and would get you awesome and tight upper body. Perform this cool workout which can get numerous benefits to your body without lifting heavy weight!

Wall presses

4. Burpees

Burpees are cool and high impact workouts which can make your body strong as never before! The burpees are cool workouts which would require high strength and flexibility. Also after performing this workout you would feel energetic and awesome. If you want to build adorable muscles and do not want to stop your workout routine due to the lack or weights, you can try burpees in a broader area or n the open gardens. This workout gets you similar benefits and would resume your weighted workout benefits!


5. Pike Pushups

This stunning variation of pushups would make your body amazing ad especially would target the shoulders. If you want a cool option for the weighted workouts which can get your shoulders and arms more perfect, go for the pike pushups. These high intensity workouts would make your body tight, solid and stunning. For a muscular and adorable body, go for the pike pushups and you would not miss the weighted workout! The elevated pushups apply high pressure on the shoulders and arms building chiseled and adorable muscles. Try this super cool workout with super stunning benefits and you would simply love the results!

Pike pushups