5 Back Strengthening Exercises For Men

A strong back is an essential requirement for the body because it has numerous benefits. It enables a person to stand erect and focus on the frailties that make one hunch. Back exercise not only provides a good posture but enables a person to accommodate more weight when it comes to training. The shoulder joint is enhanced when the muscles are trained in the upper and mid-back. When the shoulder is made stronger and stable, it helps in lifting more weights with ease and flexibility. Other benefits that can be gained from a strong back are bigger arms and good metabolism.

Let’s Deal With The Five Major Exercises That Strengthen The Back:

1. Chin Up

Chin-ups and pull-ups are important when it comes to building a V-shaped torso. It happens because they stress on the large muscles of the back around the sides of the upper body that lies below the arms. These are the muscles that provide the torso a width and make you adorn a slim look. However, there are many variations that can be done when it comes to chin up. It is essential to have focused on the shoulder blades and pull it towards the back pockets. This will help in developing the upper back muscles and strengthens the back.

Chin Up

2. Pulldown

Beyond question chin up is a prime exercise for the back that should not be skipped at any level, the lat pulls down is another effective exercise for enhancing the muscles. This exercise can provide a great result if done at a slow and controlled manner. You must feel the lat with every repetition. The upper body should remain undisturbed and ensure a repetition of 10 to 12 to have a strong and an effective result.

3. Deadlift

Deadlift can be tagged as an excellent exercise for strengthening the back. To ensure a perfect workout, the back should not be in a hunch position. When the weights are picking up and put down, the muscles of the upper back along with traps, rear deltoids influenced. The torso must be in a straight position and the lower back should not be rounded. If one fails to engage the muscles properly then it might lead to injuries. It is done with a loaded barbell and good weights so that the pressure falls in the desired direction.


4. Barbell Rowing

It is similar like the single arm dumbbell rowing, however, barbell rowing enables to lift more weights. When rowing is done with heavy weights, it leads to triggering more growth of the muscles in the middle, as well as lower traps. Other areas such as upper traps, rear deltoids, rhomboid major and minor muscles are affected in a positive manner. The best way to get an effective result is to use the grip of a shoulder width so that the pressure is applied on the desired muscles. If one is not familiar with the barbell or feels the weight to be more then dumbbell press can be done (relatively less weight).

Barbell Rowing

5. Pull Apart

Pull-apart is the main component when it comes to strengthening the back. They are simple in nature and needs negligible machines. Even weak people can do it and hence, is tagged as an exercise that provides a great result. The shoulder blade gets a paramount pressure and hence, the scapulae are squeezed thereby providing a strong result. It is easier to perform. Just hold one arm in stationary position while the other does the repetitions.

Pull apart

Written by Pankaj Khanna

An MBA and a Company Secretary with deep rooted love for writing. A fitness freak and a fashion model. The blogs will strive to help people to reach their fitness goals. Stay connected for more and keep sharing!!