10 Pros And Cons Of Weight Loss Surgery

Extreme weight gain due to any reason can cause various illnesses and issues. From the chromatic disease to a jammed life, a person would suffer from numerous issues concerned to weight. In such cases, the weight loss surgery becomes a ray of hope for people who are not able to reduce weight after so many tactics, diet and workouts.

Generally weight loss surgery is not that easy and comes with lots of benefits as well disadvantages. For extreme cases, there are very less options for weight loss and thus the surgeries can become the best option while for those who need to go for a weight loss surgery though it is possible to lose weight other way, here are some pros and cons of the weight loss surgery which you must consider before going for it.


1. Helps In Treating Type 2 Diabetes:

Type 2 diabetes is one of the most horrible and life threatening disease. Generally people suffering from obesity are the patients of diabetes 2. The weight loss surgery can simply help in reducing weight and would also fight the symptoms of diabetes type 2. There are improvement witnessed in the gastric bypasses after the surgeries which improves the body functioning and gets a person healthy soon!

Helps In Treating Type 2 Diabetes

2. Reduces Severe Arthritis:

Severe arthritis can also affect a person who is highly weighty or vice versa. Arthritis makes a person bound to fewer movements and promotes immobilizing. In such cases a person can gain a lot of weight. Weight loss surgery can have some great impacts over arthritis patients and can reduce the symptoms gradually. Most of the people have felt relaxation in arthritis after the weight loss surgery!

3. High BP:

Blood pressure can be controlled using this amazing treatment. If you have high blood pressure, it can be the issue caused due to extreme weight. High blood pressure and heart disease come together and to reduce this, the weight loss surgery works miracles. Most of the patients gone through this surgery have obtained much relief in the high blood pressure. Surely this is a boon for all the high blood pressure patients!

High BP

4. Reduced Weight Quickly:

As we all know, high weight is an invitation to numerous life threatening disease. After going through a weight loss surgery, the body would get rid of excess fat and high cholesterol which are the basic causes of various diseases. With the decrease in weight, your body would get able to fight all such issues and would simply get your body healthy. Thus a significant amount of weight can be lost just by a single surgery.

Reduced Weight Quickly

5. Improved And Long Life:

If you are looking for a life, free from the threats of heart attacks, cardiac issues, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and such issues, you need to go for a weight loss surgery. This surgery would gift you a new and quality life where the chances of these disease gets less and you get to live a healthy life. After the surgery, you would be able to move comfortable, eat healthy, become light and would feel confident!

Improved And Long Life


6. Bleeding Ulcers:

The stomach or bleeding ulcers is one of the common harms of this surgery. This is a huge surgery which can result into ulcers. For the surgery, incision is performed around the intestines and stomachs. These linings cannot heal sometimes and develops ulcers which would bleed frequently. These bleeding ulcers are however just a minute side effect, causes nausea and vomiting and can also be treated with proper medication and guidance!

Bleeding Ulcers

7. Heart Attacks:

Not in all cases but in some cases, the patient can have heart attack risks after the weight loss surgery. Generally the weight loss surgeries can act as a helpful mean for fighting the cardiac attacks and strokes while in some delicate cases, the congestive weight loss surgeries can cause heart attacks or strokes!

Heart Attacks

8. Saggy Skin:

This is one of the obvious and most common side effects of this surgery. When you gain weight, a lot of skin is stretched and after undergoing a weight loss surgery, this stretched skin becomes saggy. The fat part under the skin is already melted leaving behind some loose and saggy skin. you would need to go for a body contour surgery after this one!

Saggy Skin

9. Blood Clots In The Lungs:

After the surgery the patients are required to move less and rest. This lesser movements can cause various blood clots in the lungs and can be considered as a side effect! Due to these lumps, the oxygen would restrict the blood reaching your lungs and this can get more harmful!

Blood Clots In The Lungs

10. Vitamin Deficiencies:

After this surgery there are various restrictions over the diet and food before and after various foods are allowed and a lots of them are banned this can cause vitamin and mineral deficiency in the body due to lack of nutritional diet for some time after the surgery.

Vitamin Deficiencies