10 Perfect Comb Over Hairstyles For Men

Comb Over hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles today. The hairstyle comes with numerous variations which made it extremely famous among men of all age groups. It is a contemporary, versatile haircut that frames almost all faces. Usually, this haircut features the longest hair on the top of the head which decreases gradually in length towards the sides and neck portion. As men wear the style with varying length on the crown part and buzzed sides, it can be worn with a t-shirt or a tie. Men losing hair or balding are fond of this hairstyle as the long hair on the top helps them cover the bald areas. We have brought top ten comb over hairstyles ranging from neat slick back hair to curly brush over hair.

Here Are The 10 Perfect Comb Over Hairstyles For Men:

1. Sculpted Side Part

With sleek short pompadour hairstyle, you can show off your chiseled chin. The height of front sculpted area looks good on all face shapes. This comb over hairstyle is best for men with long faces as there will be no need for additional height above their forehead. This hairstyle can be worn with casuals and formals as well. So, if you are a professional, you must not worry.

Sculpted side part

2. Low Fade

The classy comb over can be taken to the contemporary territory by adding fades into the mix. Comb over with low fades provides you a more traditional and conservative option. Taper beginning at or below your ears will grant you a subtle transition into the hair on the top. For bearded men, low fade comb over hairstyle gives a natural classic look.

Low Fade

3. Medium Fade

In this hairstyle, fade begins higher than the low fade hairstyle providing enough space to taper into the length. The buzzed hair starts the fades at an area above the ears giving you a style that is bold and tough and works well with hair on the top. This comb over hairstyle suits men with well styled straight hair.

Medium fade

4. High Fade

High fades are best for men looking for the free-spirited hairstyle. The hairstyle has less space for tapering and transitions instantly from shorter sides to longer top. The hairstyle catches all attention to your brow line and gives you a bold look. This high fade hairstyle looks amazing on guys with short hair but guys with longer hair can also rock with it.

High fade

5. Long Comb Over Cut

This is the hairstyle for men who want to keep long lengths on the top and sides as well. The style doesn’t require any buzzing of the sides. You just need to maintain length all over and style them into a loose comb over. To add volume on the top, just to make it a bit different from the sides, you need to blow dry the top lengths. You can also use strong styling gels to maintain the look throughout the day.

Long comb over cut

6. Short Comb Over

Short comb over hairstyle is born to be styled with suits. This is the best pick for those who want to show a polished aesthetic or those having hard to manage kind of hair. The hairstyle looks good on almost all frames and hence, is a safe option.

Short comb over

7. Spiky Comb Over

Keep your look cool and confident with a spiky comb over that goes with both formal and casual looks. With this professional spiky hairstyle, you can manage to look sexy and stylish. Men can get an irresistible look by teaming up this hairstyle with simple t-shirt and jeans.

Spiky comb over

8. Skin Fade

Comb over with skin fade is perfect for guys looking for something different yet stylish. This hairstyle tapers from the hair on the top downwards to the bald skin. It is an extremely bold and neat hairstyle citing its inspiration from military cuts. To get the fuller look, you can incorporate some length on the top and keep is neat and tidy.

Skin fade

9. Curly Hair Comb Over

Men with curly hair can also go for this comb over look. Curly-haired men can sweep their long curls over their buzzed sides. The natural curly locks can be an advantage as they become a centre of attention in the comb over hairstyle.

Curly hair comb over

10. Slick Back Hair

Comb over with slick back hair is another popular style from the past. This style incorporates shorter, subtle length with well-buzzed sides. To make a style statement, men should keep length on the top with high fades on the sides. By pairing this comb over with tattoos or beard, it gives a bold and stylish look.

Slick back hair

The above mentioned styles are really going to make you look different and stylish. So, try them out!